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Lower back pain

3-4 weeks ago, I was doing my squat exercise in the gym and my form of doing the exercise went incorrect so the pressure came on my lower back on right side. After one week the pain on lower back came till the hip on right side. I did some of the lower back exercises given on the internet but the pain is still there. Also, few days ago, while climbing up, I lifted a n object not so heavy buy medium size and I started feeling the pain same as before. I cannot sleep at night properly. Will I never be able to lift an heavy object? Please help me.

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😨😨 Oww 😟 Hopefully over time, you'll come right. I hurt my back mowing (which I've done 100's of times) it did come right but, it took nearly a year 😞 One second I was fine, next second crying, screaming... A chiropractor worked for me (each to their own, NOT telling you to do that ☺) The fear was the biggest thing for me to overcome. Go to your GP / DR if the pain persists, peace of mind is something money just can't buy. 💕


See a McTimony chiropractor.

It is possible you have an over contracted muscle which has caused pressure to be placed on nerve roots. You need to look at the sleep regime? Can you find a time to lie on your back with knees bent on the floor with a couple of books under your head. This will give you some much needed rest and hopefully help you relax some of the muscles in your back.

The chiropractor will give an opinion to take to your doctor. Just because you are an event taking place it does not necessarily mean that that particular event is what is causing your present problem.

It is easier to see a speck of dust in someone else's eye than the plank in your own. Hence the need to get someone else to check out that everything is okay.

Hope this helps.


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