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Living in Pain is no fun. My life completely changed. I have terrible problems with my periformis muscle, which is close to the sciatica nerve. It started 3 years ago when I played tennis almost every day, badminton and pickle ball. I had shots, dry needling, spend $2000,00 at the chiropr. had infusions and over 32 needles. Nothing helped. Can't sit to long, stand up to long or walk very far. The pain travels down my leg under my foot. The pain is not always on the same spot, it travels and it is only on my left side. No pain pills help. I am also constipated and have hemmoroids which are very sore. I have so much energy and can't do almost nothing any more. We have all this good doctors out there and nobody can help. It is a crying shame.

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My daughter has similar problems and is a keen keep fit lady. Do hope someone can advise.


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Check out that you are not deficient or low in range in your vitamin D and B12 bloods.

My sciatica leg problems, lower back ache and tailbone pain (buttock pain) and stiffness healed overnight once I took a higher (safe) dose of vitamin D3

Google - for safe modern up to date doses you might not be told about from Medics.


I am taking 2000 UI of vitamin D daily. Vitamin B


Apologies for my late reply sigrid.

I too could not sit or stand for long and had to shift from left buttock to right and back again to relieve pain, I was diagnosed with tailbone pain (there is another medical name for it) and told it was not curable :) (I never mentioned all my other related pains to Doctor,) I have to take 5000iu of D3 to cure my pains. If I forget to take my 5000iu D3 all pains come back, Doctor prescribed me 1000iu D3 for just being vitamin D deficient, I then noticed it helped take my pains away, but all pains came back after a few days, wondering if you might need to consider upping your dosage of D3 sigrid.


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