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Went camping with some friends last weekend and I took my badminton rackets with us. I use to love playing and so thought it would be a lot of fun to play again. Well yup it was a lot of fun but that was a week ago and I am still suffering today. So I guess I am wondering what do you all do when it comes to playing at an activity you enjoy? I don't want to quit doing things I enjoy but I also don't enjoy being in worse pain than what I am already in everyday. Any ideas ?? I really love the way everyone here is willing to share their knowledge Thank you.


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Dear Grizzly,

This is a 'tough' one and you sum it up perfectly. You don't want to stop 'everything', you used to do but f..k you 'pay for it' afterwards! The only 'saving grace' is that I can often 'go' the next day, without 'help'.

Sorry that you are suffering so, my thoughts are with you.


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