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I'm 15 and I've been getting minor sharp pains in my head right behind my ears that only last a couple seconds but they hurt and I've started to realize I've been more forgetful about things than I usually am, it might be related or it might not but it's really been worrying me, and I want to know if I should really be worried before I go see a doctor. I'm not on any meds and I don't do drugs.

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You really should be 16 to be on this site but if you have health worries please see a doctor. That's the sensible thing to do.



you should really go to the doctor dear and get this checked out. and your forgetfull ness could be down to worry about why your getting those sharp pains. so go to your doctor and get some peace of mind. all the very best. love grace xoxoxo


Are you getting enough sleep? Look at your sleep regime. Every ones sleep requirements are different.

Check your posture. School work and your age has a habit developing a faulty posture. If you play video games and do computer work how are you sitting?

As you see lots of questions for things that only you can investigate.

Speak to the physical education teacher. They may be able to answer your question on the need to see a doctor.

Hope this helps


First and foremost go and see your Doctor.

I have Icepick headaches that sound similar to yours. These are controlled by a simple tab you dissolve on your tongue.

See your Doctor.


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