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I have pressure on the back of my head but my whole head feels like it is going to explode. I am dizzy when standing and I forget words all of a sudden just before I speak. I have stuttered while speaking recently. This has been happening now for about a month. It doesn't matter if I sit or stand happens either way. Do you have some advice of what it may be?

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Yes I suffered with this initially I also had high blood pressure so I suggest to have your Blood pressure monitored.Ask your Dr to check your Vitamin B12 serum & active,Vitamin D ,folate,iron,ferritin,MMA ,homocysteine levels.Once I supplimented with vitamin B12 & folate as I was low it disappeared.Just in case you have any other symptons check b12 online.


Hello just read your posting.

I am assuming you are too ill to drive.

I am sorry if this alarms you.

It may be a TIA (mini stroke)

If you live alone and do not have family nearby I would call an ambulance.

You need blood pressure testing, cardiac tests and appropriate medication asap.

Wishing you all the best


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Hi Dkeesee,

I agree with Sandra2468, you need to be seen for tests and the sooner the better. As Sandra suggests, if you live alone, call an ambulance, and explain you have pain in your head very different to a headache.

With our complicated medical conditions, you justify using the emergency services.

Hope to hear soon that you have been seen at A&E, and their result.

Good luck, fingers crossed for you.

Hayesider, virtual hugs on the way xxx


See you doctor for advice. Speak to people who know you well and ask for feedback from them. This is to get evidence that is helpful for the doctor.

There are to many possibilities and you need to see a doctor to narrow things down a bit.

Hope this helps


Johnadam i am interested in wot makes you say it cant be a TIA by definination? Could you expand on this please?




I'm not a cliniitian but trying to help.

My husband recently had much dizziness and high blood pressure which left him in bed for days unable to lift his head.

His speech though is not affected.

Due to his high blood pressure the doctor thought this may be cardiac related. He does have a mild tinnitus problem and loud noises can affect his ears. At home he uses a blood pressure monitor and it was high at first but now back to normal.

(I suggest buying a monitor from boots as white coat syndrome highly likely at doctors practice) Good to keep your own personal check.

So we are beginning to think the dizziness may be middle ear related. And the high blood pressure caused by anxiety.

The GP referred him for 24 hr cardiac tape, and also echo which could take time and did not think it was ear rekated. However she was a temporary fill in doctor and may be wrong.

In the meantime he is going to see an ENT doctor as he does have some wax in his ears and ihe is not back to his old self yet.

He is normally very fit apart from mild tinnitus and some neck and shoulder intermittent pain. MRI brain scan several years ago ruled out acoustic neuroma.

At 73 we cannot ignore these symptoms.

Let us know how you get on.



Hi Dkeesee,

How have you got on ? It's three days since your post, so some feedback on how you are would be good.


Hayesider, looking after our own !


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