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About a year ago, I contracted eczema on the soles of my feet. After all the treatment I lost a few layers of skin, which has caused permenant nerve damage. I am now at a very difficult position, painkillers I am currently on aren't working and my doctor has written to pain-management for permission to put me on a drug that it really only used for diabetics with nerve damage. This is now all getting in top of me and I am having a heard time just coping with the day to day living of being constantly in pain. I am looking in to some groups to see if they can offer other help but any other suggestion I would be most grateful

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Hi girlneedshelp what is the drug that is used for diabetics why dose u gp not refer u to a pain specialist, I suffer with crps that's though nerve damage and there are a few different types off drugs that may help u,

Best wishes to u


Dear girlneedshelp,

I think that I would ask a bit more about this drug, infact a lot more, see if you can find out it's specific use(s). Is if, in fact, a drug for pain relief-or maybe one that aids nerve damage- or indeed has any other 'use'. Now I'm NOT saying 'don't use it' period-what I AM saying, is be carful/weary. Can you be too 'carful'? Actually yes you can, is this one of those times? I don't Know-which is why I'm suggesting caution. Could this be 'just the right' drug, yes it COULD, and I mean COULD. Sorry I'm probably not being much help, am I? In short-please do 'be careful' but also 'open minded'- maybe, just maybe but it's not a certainty.

Whatever you decide girlneedshelp, I pray that it is the right decision and that you receive the treatment you deserve. I will pray, for you.

Kindest wishes AndrewT


I reckon the doctor is talking about duloxetine.


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