Went out to vote and had to go to see the estate agent, got back home and collapsed as soon as I got in the door. I had to lie on the floor for a while before I could even move.

First time I have ever collapsed due to pain. Needed to double up on Oramorph otherwise would have needed to get a ride to A&E. Oh joy what fun!!!

Hope and pray for the pain to ease.


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  • Oh dear.. How awful for you and I know how it feels... 😟 All you can do is rest it out.. Breathe and try not to panic... Tomorrow's another, hopefully less wretched day.. 🍀🍀

  • i will say a prayer i do hope that the pain goes soon, wishing the best for you im so glad that you have pain relief with you, 🙏 i wont ask what you voted. i went and voted to at the last minute as i nearly forgot i had such a busy day today at the hospital going for the preoperative assessment and had an e s g and blood pressure and spent a couple of hours aswering question and listening to all the things that could go wrong so i'v not enjoyed the day, best part of it was going to vote.

  • Hi Grace

    Glad you got your pre-op visit put of the way. Try not to pay too much attention to all the risks and potential problems they went through. I have had 20 surgeries over the years, and now I generally zone out while they go through the risk assessment. It's important too stay positive and have faith.

    At least my 2nd dose of morphine has taken the edge off.

    D xx

  • thanks dunkdl i will pm you later or tomorrow as i need someone to talk to about this.thanks for your friendship. love grace xoxoxo

  • No worries here to support one another. Message you later.

    Duncan x

  • I am glad that you are feeling a little bit better now :-)

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