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Hi new to the group been in constant pain since 2005 I had a op which ended badly and led to numerous minor ops and 6 major ops ,I've been told the adhesion's have know caused that much damage I could lose the use of bladder ,bowl and part of my stomach .

I've had the gauze in twice both times never helped , been sent pain clinic and a consultant decided to inject my scar with injections of steroids which wasn't nice he said it would encourage the blood flow in the scar tissue .

Has anyone else had this done

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I haven't had anything like that done. Was your ops for a spinal problem?

I have problems with my bladder because of spinal stenosis. I can use the bathroom up to 30 times a day! All the docs say to me if I ever lose control of bladder or bowel then it's a medical emergency. Cauda Equina.

Sorry I can't be if any help re your scar but I feel for you constant chronic pain is no fun as many of us on here will attest to.

I hope you find some relief soon.

Jen x


Hi Jen

no my ops were all to do with the bowl and gyne had a miscarriage at 19 lost little girl 25 weeks but had bad delivery ,2 years later had little boy by c section had no waters from 25 weeks till 32 weeks when I had him after birth died and mattered my womb had to use wooden sapttalers to get it although never got all .had trouble conceiving after that got pregnant again this was eptopic were I was found to have adhesion in my womb round bowl bladder stomach wall tried two major ops with gauze to deal with them but never worked .

at 27 got ovarian cancer another major op the after 3 more major ops and 27 minor still in terrible pain, some days cant walk bowl bladder incontinence caused blockages in my legs ,heart problems and copd

but to answer you question the injections into my scar on my stomach to allow blood flow but didn't work if anything it was a horrendous has was took to theater was not given any sedation so unless they can offer 100% or at least a better existence I would not do it .

Hope this helps and didn't go on sorry just wanted you to understand why I tried it it was a last resort oh and the consultant was a pain specialist my other consultants had never heard off it for stomach pain

Were is your pain located

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Oh I am sorry you have been through an awfull lot.

I have psoriasis 3 types psoriatic arthritis osteo in all joints the worst pain is in my spine DDD spinal stenosis . This is where I had the Epidural's with some success.

Sorry that you continue to suffer pain

Take care Jen x


Thanks Jen

I was fine till I got the joint pains headaches and jaw pains now there saying its

fibromyalgia so will see how that works out but take each day as it comes


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