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Severe arthritis Personal Independence Claim assistance


Can anyone offer any advice about completing a successful personal independence claim form for someone suffering from severe arthritis in the back and knees, but still working?

Am in my 50's and use a walking stick, cant walk very far, really struggle getting in and out of a car (unable to sit in back seat as unable to bend my knees). Getting up I have to roll onto the floor on my hands and knees and then use my arms to push myself up on the chair

Thats just a few things, but any tips or advice (not websites please) would be much appreciated.


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My best advice to you is Benefits & work they will help you fill in the form with a very high success rate yes it is on the web but please read.

Jen xx


Also suggest web site (sorry) but look on CAB web site. Also try to get them involved with completing the form. I had to struggle to get them to assist me but was worth the effort, especially if in the end I get the benefit!

Remember when completing the form. It is NOT the condition itself but how YOU are affected. Best of luck.


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