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Lower right back an right leg pain

Hey im new to this site so bare with me. Ive been reading for months now on my pain an im sure i have a herniated disc maybe more then one in my lower l5 s1 region is where all the pain seems to start an it shorts down my right leg. Also the pain seems to radiate all the way up my spine into my kneck. Im 23 had a bad single car wreck 3 years ago went to OCH REGIONAL MEDICAL HOSPITAL and they found nothing on the x ray or ct scan which dont surprise me because couple years prior they missed my uncles broken rib cage an punctured lung an sent him home an he died so excuse me if i dont trust their results. So i sold my car an im getting an mri an hopefully something for the pain until i can figure out a way to afford this 20,000 dollar surgery. Any advice id greatly appreciate. Note this has been progressivly getting worse over the three years cause i was able to work now for the past year an half ive been able to do nothing an its getting WAY WORSE :(!!

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Once you have the result of MRI then take it from there. Yes it is miserable being in pain continuously. I have same. Compressed dis L4L5 L5S1. Have had Epidural injections which have given some relief. I'm now coping with Butrans patch cocodamol & Ibuprofen for breakthrough pain. I wouldn't go rushing into surgery just yet.

I have yet to see a surgeon he wants another MRI first. I shan't go rushing into surgery unless he was pretty sure he could cure the problem. I don't want to end up in a worse state than I am now.

Hope your results will give you piece of mind and you find the right treatment for you.


Some homework if you are open to suggestions tystrong.

Google 'Herniated Disc and vitamin Deficiencies'

I know vitamin B12 Deficiency can cause spine problems for starters, though I have no idea if that is linked to what you have or not.


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