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I need help before its to late

Hi I was in a car accident October 26 2015 I was stopped at a stop sign when someone wear ended me totaled of my truck I sit the steering wheel about 3 times broke the drivers seat, my hole right side hurts like never before went to Doctor did a cats an it showed my l4 is the trouble then sent me for a mri and that showed nothing is wrong just my neck which I don't believe. When I jump with kids cut grass on riding mower later in evening I just to shake like a surizer I can't sleep I don't have the energy to keep on going, does anyone else had this

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You obviously need to go back to the doctor for more tests. I'm not sure what you meant by the shaking part. I think autocorrect has slipped up. Maybe you could give more information.



You say CAT scan "showed L4 is the trouble" L4 is in the Lumbar area which is near the base of your spine. You then go on to say that MRI showed "nothing is wrong just my neck". You didn't say what showed up regarding your neck.

I have to admit I'm having trouble trying to follow what you mean, "shake like a surizer". However, I do think you are needing to go back and see your doctor and get yourself checked out further.

Fibromyalgia can be triggered by an event like a car crash. It is also possible that the traumatic experience of being involved in an accident like that you could have a form of PTSD.

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This is very difficult to follow. What you are saying may or may not make sense. Could you re-write this in paragraph form. Could you get someone to check that what you write makes sense. I have a few possible ideas as to what is happening.

If you are able to re-write this and put it in the submit reply I will be able to make a few suggestions as to what to investigate as well as possible treatment options.

I know at first hand what road traffic accidents do. I also know at first hand how lack of sleep affects the ability to get across what one wants to say.

Hope I can be of help.


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