Feeling down and helpless and a burden!

Hello All,

I've got 4 weeks today until my 'see and do' procedure with a nerve root block at pain clinic.After having helpful advice from some of you, i spoke to my GP who prescribed me gabepentin on top of other meds. Been taking them for 2 weeks tomorrow, last week felt more mobile and better. Until yesterday.

I decided as I felt a bit better I would hoover instead of asking my partner to do it again amongst all the other stuff that needs doing at the mo(lawn mowing/garden sorting, getting suitcases down, de frosting freezer etc)

Since then I've been in awful pain down back of left leg, bad lower back pain.Today struggling to walk again and sharp spasm pains in top left thigh-so painful it makes me shout out and stop as its soo painful.Just when I was starting to feel better-one step forwards and two steps back. :(

I hate not being able to drive and do other simple things

I'm feeling slightly nervous about nerve root block and how painful its going to be but hoping it will help but I dont want to get too optimistic.I still need to find out about y tarlov cyst that my specialist didn't even tell me about!I will see what the pain dept says!

Just had to rant and rave and moan

Hows everyone else?


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  • Hi Diane have u tried a heat pack

    I swear by mine I am in exactly the same state as you awaiting treatment with a l5 s1 disc herniation

    I tried driving this week and was back in accute pain and very scared.

    I also walked a mile this triggered accute pain😣

    It's driving me potty too with 2 children aged 17 months n 3.


  • Hello Trace,

    I swear by deep heat cream this helps soothe it tried the heat pack but as it has to go on clothes I haven't felt much heat but i love the cream.

    I know what you mean you try to do normal things again like driving and hoovering which then puts you in so much pain again. Well done for walking though I can't walk far, my specialist says i can use a crutch to help as long as i dont get dependent. I dont need it at home and work as its such a small area If i go into town then I do.

    Well at least my daughter is 11 years so a bit more understandable although not helpful as she s a stroppy teenager lol.It must be hard for you with two little ones?

    What treatment are you waiting for ?

    I just feel it takes too long and no wonder people get worse, my injury happened on october 9th. My GP managed to move my pain clinic app forward which i was very thankful for him as at beginning of month i was told a 16 week wait !!

    Take care


  • I have a herniated disc causing me sciatica some days it's bearable other days I can move and it's horrendous pain wise . This is my 8th week of waiting I paid for an mri but the wait to see the consultant is 4 weeks and he will tell me my options.

    I have had 2 lots of disc surgery b4 so I hope we are not lookingat that as it would impact heavily on my family x take care let me know how ur treatment goes


  • I've had these injections and did not find them very painful. I wish you the best with them. We all react differently. I am post surgery from L5 S1 in 2001 but had an injury to neck and thorac increasing pain and havac on me. Take care, you do great.

  • I am struggling with the have to do little things in small stage s and driving only on an occasion. I have to laugh, my pain doc talked to me on wed about how to use cane long term. Said to sit and rest whenever I need to. I told her I may not get where I'm going.

  • When i had it done i was very nervous about it, i wish now that i had aske for a sedative it would have gone a lot better.

  • Argh this pain is unbearable. Im still getting these sharp spasms in my right thigh, Im so stupid should of phoned Gp yesterday now do i wait until tuesday or call 101 ?

  • What pain relief meds do you have?

    If you get any numbness in your groin area and any incontinence then you need to go to the ED but if it's just the pain increasing,then unfortunately phoning 101 probably won't get you anywhere!! If you don't have any 'strong' pain relief meds then I'd say phone your GP on Tuesday and request some for the interim period until you go to pain clinic.

    Try really gentle stretching of the affected leg. Hot water bottle or ice pack? You can use both intermittently for 15 minutes with 45 in between.

    I appreciate that these are little help sometimes but they're better than nothing. Can someone gently massage/rub that leg & bum cheek in betweenthe hot & cold packs?


  • Hi. I empathise. Amongst other things, I have a disintegrated disc, a herniated disc and basically can't move far. I feel like a burden but lately, have started to feel angry, as I'm continually left out of any family outings. Don't know if this is a deliberate move to push me towards taking my own life but that be as it may, it's what's happening. I would never have considered it before. Now it doesn't feel like a choice. Sorry. Miserable reply.

  • That's ok, I feel a bit bored, and annoyed especially with this lovely weather I would be going for nice long country walks with dog and family or along the seafront but I can't so I dont ask colleagues if they've had a good weekend as im stuck indoors all the time. I haven't been left out of any family functions yet but when my uncle had a birthday party in January i couldnt go as its an hours drive, im not driving my partner can but i wouldn't cope with the car journey. I missed out on works post xmas meal although boss treated me to one a few months later. Im just annoyed because i would normally be planning august holiday and days out but i cant as i dont know how my back will be. It's so frustrating. Also my daughter is annoyed as well but shes 11 so can go out with friends.

    Take care


  • You sound like me. Finally get a good day regarding pain then overdo it. Why do we do this? Try making a promise to yourself that next time you have a good day arrange to go out shopping or for lunch and just enjoy the experience. Good luck with the injections and don't worry about them. Remember, stress makes pain worse. X

  • Yes I know i must remember next time although i still wouldn't be able to cope with shopping but a small, slow walk around local lake would be nice.

  • You've done exactly what I, and I suspect many still do and that is; DO TOO MUCH ON A 'GOOD DAY'!!

    We're all guilty of it no matter how many treatments/procedures or experience we've had/got!! The Gabapentin needs more time to take effect really. You were lulled into a false sense of security and thought it had 'worked' so you could start to get back to normal. Until you've had your 'procedure' you need to take it easy (not laying in bed). Gentle exercise & stretching every day but no major physical activity.

    Continue with your prescribed regular meds and space your breakthrough pain meds to keep a constant amount of relief drugs running through your system. What medication are you taking?

    Try to find the most comfortable position and spend half hours trying to totally relax every part of your body; start with your toes, all the way to the top of your head! This should really be done in total silence with zero distractions whilst you're teaching yourself to do it but eventually you'll learn how to do it anytime & anywhere!!

    I know it's painful and really tough trying to get through each day; four weeks seems a long way away but it'll be here soon!!


  • Thanks guys I did end up ringing 111 yesterday whilst waiting for their call -4 1/2 hrs later the pain had subsided, although he did say if i went to see a gp they would probably give yet more stronger meds for a few days.

    I will make sure when Im feeling better and have a good day to enjoy it take a slow leisurely walk around my local lake enjoying the sights and gorgeous weather.

    Thanks for all your kind words especially as you lot have so much more experience than me.


  • Hi all,

    I really do empathize and sympathize. I've gone from being a very physically active person to barely being able to move - in two years I found I needed both hips replaced, have a severe L5/S1 disc herniation and nerve impingement (together with accompanying agony) then carpal f-ing tunnel - I feel like I'm falling apart. I did have nerve block and steroid injections a couple of weeks ago; I paid for them as I was in absolute agony and all the NHS did was increase the amount of meds I was on (which did f all other than make me feel sick and put on weight). Things aren't perfect now, I still have 'pins and needles' and some pain but a lot less and have reduced the meds to ibuprofen / panadol as and when, rather than shovelling them down like Smarties.

    I still don't sleep well, sadly, so am constantly worn out and I've aged ten years practically overnight :/ but I can walk better and can get out of bed and walk about first thing without having to stand and stretch for ten minutes holding my breath and trying not to cry, and I can sit through a movie without having to stand up, walk about, take weight on my arms etc.

    I haven't got round to doing chores yet (my house is an absolute tip but that barely even registers on my list of priorities right now!).

    The injections took nearly a fortnight to work, for me, which made me panic slightly as the doctor said if they hadn't worked after a week they were unlikely to. I hope you do get a good result.

    Other thing I recommend is getting a copy of Back Mechanic by Dr Stuart McGill.

    Ellie x

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