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I am having a really rough time right now. I have not heard back from the pain clinic so I don't know if the doctor there will keep me on as his patient. When I went to my family doctor today she said that if they say I am not going to be kept on she will phone them and fight tooth and nail for me.

In the last month or so I have had to a day here and a day there off from work because my back has been acting up so bad. So my doctor has told me to take off the next week with a new pain med. Which she wants me to take every 4 hrs. I know she is right but I am so bloody frustrated and upset right now. Told my husband I don't know how much longer I can take this.

Thanks for letting me sound off just needed to vent.

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You sound off & vent as much as you need to Grizzly; we do understand......

It's good that your family doctor is on-side; someone fighting your corner is always so helpful. Is your 'boss' at work understanding? Even if they're not, if a medical professional says you need time off then they can't really disagree but I know how problematic & 'risky' taking a lot of time off can be.

But........if you need the time off to relax and 'gather your thoughts' then that's what you should do!! Use the time to live life at a slower, stress free (as much as this whole horrible situation will allow) pace. Spend time in the most comfortable position for you, with your eyes closed and imagine every part of your body 'relaxing down' and releasing tension. Have some quiet 'chill out' music on and ask for no distractions. Forget about the jobs that need doing in & around the house; that dust can stay there, that vacuuming doesn't need doing.......... The only thing that needs doing, right now, is your relaxation & de-stressing. You need to be warm and comfortable (I know, near impossible but give it a go) so you can 'melt' those muscles.

The pain doesn't need to be 'shouting at you' at the moment; you're in control of it. It's nothing; it's weak; it can't get through your 'barrier' of relaxation; it's being banished to somewhere else.......

Try to spend time doing this for 30-45 minutes every day; twice if you can. It's a technique used in the pain management courses here in the UK (although I've slightly altered it to fit 'me') so it may help you. Self preservation is paramount and underpins the way I tackle the 'humdrum' of life.

Your new medication maybe a turning point in your pain management. I try to use the mantra;

Relaxation, Meditation, Prioritisation, Motivation, Medication & Self Preservation.......(I'm trying to get pacing into an "ation" but can't find a word that fits. Whenever I say Pace-ation I frown and giggle!!)

I understand that you're upset and frustrated but you CAN & MUST 'do this' I get so deflated and de-motivated all the time; I see a psychiatrist regularly and have to take antidepressants as I've been so close to ending it all on several occasions because of the pain and how it's wrecked my life, but despite my protestations, I get brought back from the brink.

Keep fighting Grizzly.........

Happy thoughts & determination........


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Oh Rayjayc I am in tears right now. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain , but I have to be honest I am so glad to have someone that totally understands how I am feeling. I am terrible at slowing down , my husband was very frustrated with me because I made a couple ( or more ) of appts because I had some time off to to do them. He said pretty much the same things as you have here. Trying to find a way to make this pain control work, so I have cancelled all but one of things that I was going to try to get done this week. One thinking I am soooo looking forward to is we are going to see my mom for 4 days. I only get to see her once or twice a year. It is a 12 hr drive but we will stop often and we are breaking it into two days. (off for 6 days) We have not told her we are coming so it will be a surprise for her. I am so excited :-) The relaxation techniques you have so kindly shared with me sound wonderful and after I am home this afternoon I will be putting them in practise as well as taking my new med. I am driving today so would not be to good to fall asleep at the wheel. I know I have to keep fighting but some days I just get overwhelmed with it all. Coming to this site has given me so much encouragement . I love how everyone , especially yourself has been so open and honest about how they are feeling. I hope I can return the favour to you one day. Thankyou again God Bless



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