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Numbness at the outer side of thigh

Hey guys! I actually woke up with a numbed outer thigh n the numbness wouldn't go away! Idk if I should be worried or just let it be as I've checked about my symptoms online. It stated Meralgia Paresthetica so I'm really worried. It does not hurt, it's just the numbness and occasionally tingling sensation. Does anyone has this? It's the first time for me n im so lost!

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It could have been the way you were laying on that side. Do you feel well other than a numb leg? Do some brisk walking to get the circulation going. If your really worried go to the docter tomorrow to put your mind at rest. X


Has it gone away over the course of the day ? It could be your sleeping position if it has

Do you sleep on that side ?



I've had this in my right leg for the last 6 years. Started during pregnancy and was told it would go away but it hasn't. It's from my outside hip down to my knee. Doesn't hurt but does tingle and they say it's a trapped nerve.


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