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Ok I am feeling like I just want to scream today.  Had a bad day yesterday but a far worse one today.  I took T3's yesterday and some morphine today.  T3's did virtually nothing and the morphine helped a little.  Because the doctor that I was seeing at the Pain Clinic has left with no warning I am left having to go see someone else now.  I am nervous about it because I had really connected with the old one.  After the epidural on the 12th of April I was told to phone in 2 to 3 weeks to let them know how I was doing.  So I guess I will have to phone them tomorrow and let them know how I am feeling.  I had some relief for about a week or so but right now I am feeling awful.  It has been a really rough weekend.  I have no sick time left from work so I cannot afford to stay home.  I wish British Columbia had some sort of disability for people who just need a little time off to recover.  Not looking forward to phoning tomorrow.  Sorry just really needed to sound off about what is happening right now.


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Hopefully you are in a position with help to move Matress in to lounge for 3day stint on back noooooo distractions with strong Antiinflamatory + Valium 5mg 3times a day....muscle relaxant & Antiinflamatory work together with no movement except for toileting for 3 is my last line of defence when nothing works and if you follow to the letter with GP assistance you may get on top of your bad spasm.......when my spine spasms and I happen to be standing up 😁😁😁😁 Well last time it did this a Cpl of months ago, it dropped me to the floor in my over bath shower......for an hr before I could get out.....Of course you could do this in yr bedroom but if you are away from your partner & family you will likely give up and seek company and it really does need to be 3days.  Hugs and I wish you relief from your pain😄😄


I wish you relief from your pain and that all things go well with your new Dr.


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