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Facet joint injections

Due to have another dose of injections tomorrow. I live in hope of them working. Has anyone else ever had a good result when having them? 

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In my case there varied in the amount of time each one lasted.I had 4 in my lower bk for disc prolapse,5 in the heel of my foot,and 2 in my shoulder.the only one that I got relief from was my heel.but not sure if it was down to the injections or the physio after my last injection. As they wouldn't give me anymore. It varies from person to person .not sure of this helps 

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Hi. I had facet joint injections 7 weeks ago on my lower back. They injected 7 sites. They seemed to have worked very well for me so far on my right side but the effects have started to wear off on the right. 

I hope they work well for you too. 

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Hope many times have you had them done?

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Was this your first time?

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Hello wrighty 

Yes this was the first time I have had them done

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I have had low back pain on waking for many years. It is chronic and I have less hours sleep because of it.   I probably get 5- 6 hrs sleep a night.

The referred pain appears to go into my anal region on waking from lying on my back. So I wake with low back pain 12 years, and now anal pain last 4 years+ which started as a pressure feeling in 2011.

Once up and mobile my low back pain goes.

The anal pain appears to be prolapse related worse when sitting. And I was told there is no connection between the two!

 CT scan showed possible problem with facet joint.

I have L5/S1 area problem. Luckily I swim quite regularly and have used this as my medicine for years to try to overcome. May be things have stayed like this because of my swimming.

I was told by a back specialist that as the pain resolves when up and mobile to forget injection unless it all gets worse. Luckily no sciatic nerve pain down the leg. I dont want medication as this will affect my bowel and at present I have prolapse related problems.

Just wondering if any one has had related problems like me. 


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Hi Sandra. I also have prolapse problems. I had surgery to repair the prolapse it 2011 but unfortunately it failed. My back pain is almost constant though and doesn't ease with increased mobility. I'll have to find my discharge letter as I can't remember offhand what facets I had injected but it is all lower back and the sacroiliac area. 

I hope others can help you more x x x 


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Sorry to ask but which type of prolapse surgery did you have?

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I had laparoscopic mesh recto plenxy. I had interssuseption and a rectocele. I hope that helps x 


Sorry that it didn't help you for long Daniel 

Depends what you call good results.  Mine lasted for  four weeks.

Hi Wrighty

I had relief from facet joint injections for about a month last time. It really does vary from person to person. Hope you get good relief. X

I had sacroiliac joint injections (which hurt like a bugger, but did work!) for pain across lower back on the hip, different than my chronic back pain from disc problems at L5/S1. The shots did not help that area, possibly because they are effective for inflamation but not disc herniation.

Mine lasted abut 3 months of pain relief.   Now going for a "pulsed radio-frequency de-nervation" (for sciatica pain).

Next op. will need to be a spinal decompression.

I have had them for years and they give me enough relief to be mobile. I still need pain killers etc but I couldn't be without them. I'm a lucky girlie. Good luck.

Nod x😎

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