I was wondering if anyone on this page has had bunion surgery ?  Both my feet have bunions but one foot is definitely worse than the other.  I am going to see a orthopedic surgeon next week .  The pain I have when I have to stand for any length of time gets so bad  and my feet swell up.  I have orthotics as well as good shoes.  So I guess my question is has anyone had this surgery that can tell me what to expect ?

Thankyou for any info you can give me.


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  • So long as you have a really good surgeon the op is fine 

    Be very sure of what proceedure they will use and on no account allow "mailes proceedure" or next thing you know you will have hammer toes and more ops

  • Hi Janice,  I had bunion surgery on my right foot about six years ago.  While I'm a bit disappointed that my toe isn't that much straighter at least it's less painful.  I thought the consultant had done a fusion on the toe but when I went about another foot related problem I was told no and the reason my toe won't bend is because the joint is very arthritic.  I suggest that when you see the consultant next week you find out exactly what type of operation he is going to do, you could look online at the different types of surgery for bunions first so that you know what they are talking about.  My left foot although badly deformed has so far given me no problem so I'm leaving well alone.  Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

  • Thankyou for your reply I will definatley look the different types of surgeries there are .  I want to go into the appointment informed. 

  • I had bunion surgery on my right foot around 20 years ago. No problems what so ever. It definitely  took the pain away. It takes about 6 weeks to get over the surgery  and is painful.

  • Everything has change with Foot surgery in the last 10 years ask you GP to be referred to a Podiatrist. I had both feet done a year apart by my Podiatrist and he has just had an award from the Queen his work is brilliant and the outcome is amazing.

    I was able to hop 'round on a special a sandal after day 2.

  • Hi Grizzly7168 I had bunion surgery in November as I had quite a freaky looking bunion on my left foot, my surgeon was great he put a titanium plate in my foot I now have absolutely no pain in my foot ! its not entirely straight and its still a bit swollen but that's all part of the healing process.

    The post op was painful for 4 days only taking paracetamol and naproxen  for pain relief but after day 4 no pain- my physio couldn't believe how quickly I had healed I only used my crutches for a few days. I'd say if you are in pain every day no matter what shoes you wear you should go for it.

  • Thankyou that was what I was kinda thinking to.

  • I had bunion surgery on both feet at the same time last September. I was in bandages for six weeks and on crutches for three months (walking on my heels for the first six weeks). It was very painful, and still is at times, but I was told that it could take up to a year for my feet to completely recover. However, I am so pleased I had it done. Before, I used to wake up in pain and go to sleep in pain, now my feet hurt if I work them hard, but only like any other part of your body. I suffered for a long time before having the surgery and can honestly say it was worth it.

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