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Cervical facet joint injections...

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Hi there my neck is causing lots of pain atm. I have 4 discs in my neck that have lost height & water plus 2 nerve impingements ,also foraminal & canal stenosis along with slipped disks & bone spurs my othopeadic specailst recommended facet joint injections I take regular medication but my concerns are the injections iv heard it being a lot more risky in the neck, has anyone had the injections & have they helped I can't take more pain. I'm also seeing a pain specailst next month what do I expect? Will they prescribe something stronger than dihydrocodine I have oramorph for breakthrough pain but my gp are reluctant to prescribe more they reduced my medication last month from 100 tabs to just 30 ? Any suggestions would be great thanks 😊

16 Replies

Hi Ktchard

A pain specialist exactly that, so will have the most up to date knowledge of which pain medications to prescribe & add on etc. (If you're seeing a medication prescribing doctor and not a Psychologist for example but they can refer you on if necessary). Some GPs are more aware than others of pain management hence yours not wanting to give you more.

Providing there aren't any contraindications (reasons why you can't have certain types) you can certainly ask to have a regime set up for you. I'm also presuming your neck is 'stable' and the nerve impinging isn't acutely serious?

It's always a good idea to be open to all suggestions from the pain specialist - starting with regular Paracetamol! I've vast experience with pain specialists and being an inpatient and it's always based around regular Paracetamol - surprising how good it is when taken regularly and not just when needed!

Don't go in there demanding Morphine or a controlled drug - you'll be viewed as a little suspicious. Be honest about your pain as well.

There are also anti-convulsants and anti-depressants that have pain & nerve pain relieving properties. Muscle relaxants are an option too. Like I say, be responsive to suggestions - give them a go along with maybe some physio input. Certainly worth asking.

Pain clinics are really, really busy (as in they get so many referrals) so my advice would be make the most of your time in there.

I can't give any views on neck facet joint injections I'm afraid - I have all your problems but in lumbar spine!

Best of luck


Yes. I have had the injections. My pain specialist also gave me the injections into the neck and shoulder muscles too. I had 28 over a few weeks. The immediate effect was great, but only lasted a couple of hours. I haven't gone back for more. I'm not sure if they really helped, if they did it wasn't a great deal. But everyone is different with different tolerances. I would say that it is worth trying, or you will never know. Anything has to be better than that pain. I should warn you that the injections are not pleasant, but worth it if it helps.

Your pain specialist is an anaesthetist who specialises in pain medication. A good person to see. You will be given what suits you best. It could be that a mixture works better for you than one strong med. So please don't worry about your appointment.

i hope it all goes well for you 🐸

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Ktchard in reply to Sorebones

Thank you for replying I'm just really anxious. But more so sick of being in constant pain. Kind regards Katie 😊

Yes as well as neck/ back pain I get terrible shoulder and arm pain I do take a mixture of drugs such as nortrypyiline, paracetamol, dihydrocodine & a supplement ginger and turmeric capsules along with fish oils, iv tried gabapentin & pregabalin but had nasty side effects so I decided to stop them. Iv been for physio numerous times and get massages when I can iv tried chiropractors but they made my neck a lot worse. I just don't know what else to do other than take med's ?? Sorry for the negativity I just Don't see many people and when I do they don't want to know about the problems with my back / neck I do feel a little isolated thanks for reading katie x

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RAYJAYC in reply to Ktchard

The pain management clinic really is the best place to get your frustration & feelings of isolation known! They're the best people to see and help.

You're not being negative, you're in pain so desperate for help that's all.

Let us know what happens.


I will, thanks for your kind words Take care x 😊

I have had the cervical injections for several years. They are very helpful and I do not know what I would do without them. I still need oral pain medication but combining the injections with the medication works well. Just make sure your doctor is an experienced pain Doctor. I hope this helps.

Thank you daisydogshadow 😊

It's to see an anethnatist who specialises in pain management at the hospital 😊

Not long to wait now another 3 weeks til my appointment I'm hopeful x

I have had these injections in my lumber region for many years.. I'm due my next on 27th and I'm counting the days BUT everyone is very very different, wherever the facet injections are, you are the only one that can decide if they are for you or not. Good luck. X

Hi nodmeister

Do these injections help much? And more importantly have you had any adverse reactions or worsened pain. That's my main concern any complications. Thanks katie 😊

Hi Katie, no I have never had a problem. I do find more pain for about 5 days but I've just had needles stuck in so there must be some bruising. Without them I would be almost immobile. I still need to take pain medication but I get about four GOOD months from them. Go for it girlie, I pray they work for you too. Very, very best of luck. NOD XX

Thanks nod x

Hey, I had both cervical and lumbar facet injections mine was a lot more successful in my neck however the pain relief was rather short lived the first 2 lasted 2 weeks the last 2 lasted around 6-8weekz the pain has now come back even stronger but the fact that it's worse is believed to be due to other factors not the injections my personal opinion is give it a go I don't think the risks are actually that high if you have a good specialist mine was brilliant and although everyone reacts differently to the injections I didn't have any problems in recieving them apart from I found them very painful and wished I was put to sleep lol but afterwards I thought they were worth to enough to go back 3 more times for my neck and 6 more times for my lower back


I suffer the same problems as you as well as unsteadiness on feet . I have been having facet injections for 10 years ,the last year it hasn't been doing much but before then they work great,I am now going for a mri to see what's going on.

I also take pregabalin,which is nerve ending pain tablets,they are very strong but do take the nerve ending problems away.

The injections in my neck ,don't seem no where near as bad as the lower back injections my friend has

Hope this helps

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