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Day in day out at the moment is such hard work. Just filled in pre-assessment for pain management clinic NHS. The. Epley Manoeuvre for my bppv has not helped. Awaiting results of MRI scan taken at the beginning of December, to see if there is an underlying problem that cause my balance to be very off-balance . The consultant dealing with my abdominal pain has investigated and the only course of action is to have pain management. Fatigue is now a very common occurrence daily I fall asleep in a deep sleep ranging from half an hour to well over an hour. This makes me feel useless. They advise me to avoid stress. How ? I ask. My family is a splintered family, with certain people causing unnecessary grief, all because they are not the centre of attention.

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Hi liz62 I know how u feel my balance has been very poor that's one of the reasons I'm in a wheelchair and that I'm waiting for my foot to be amputated some time this year,

I would go back to u gp and get them to find out why u going in to a deep sleep that can not be stress related I know people do go into deep sleep but that's when they go to bed at night not for half to an hour, and how can anybody avoid stress now a days there are all types off stress and levels. I'm stressed because I got to have my foot off

U stressed because of family problems so I don't think it's stress that's making u fall a sleep why do u say it makes u feel useless u can not help that they need to look at that again. Get the pain specialist to put u on a pain management course that will help

Best wishes and hope u get things sorted soon peter

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I use to fall asleep quite deeply when I was extremely stressed. This was when my marriage was breaking up. My husband sometimes would want to discuss it all again and understandably would get outraged when I fell asleep talking about it.

It has happening since then but only when the trauma is extreme.

I think it's the body's way of protecting the mind. More hurt isn't possible when you are sleeping.

But go to your GP in case there was medical reasons for this happening.


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