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In praise of krantom a herb with painkilling properties.

In small doses it doesn't really take away the pain completely but it lifts the spirits and makes you concentrate less on the pain and enjoy other things to a greater degree.

It tastes foul but mixed with yoghurt it is not so bad.

I bought mine from Krantom.u.k. which is a legitimate supplier but I think there is a danger that it might be classified as a legal high and banned in the future.

would be interested to hear from others who have found krantom effective.

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I was recommended Bali strain for pain relief. I bought it from a supplier called Krantom.U.K based in Dorset on line. If you google you can find lots of information about Krantom.

I've only just started using it and not every day but no side effects so far unlike most drugs. Worth giving it a try I think. Best regards


Interesting. Anything that might help relieve pain is interesting.


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