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*warning - whinge ahead*

Just been in touch with the hospital and pain clinic, appointment to review MRI not until middle of December and 1st appointment with pain clinic...? Goodness knows, long waiting list and told to ring back in January if I haven't heard anything 😕

Why does everything take sooooo long! I'm clinging on to my career with my fingernails and am now in the likely position that I lose my job before I can get access to treatment. Occ Health can't help rush these through and with no money coming in apart from benefits now, I can't afford to go private. I know there are loads of people in the same boat but it's just so frustrating. The future just looks so bleak with no prospect of improvement, just want to get back to normal......

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Hi Toplady,I can totally empathise with you. I'm in the same boat,apart from I don't work. But I'm in so much pain daily,and all the waiting you have to do for each step of your treatment is rediculuse. I've found over a period of time,you have to keep phoning ,and push push push,don't wait,your lively hood depends on time.

So don't sit back make a fuss. Best of luck to you.


Hi Toplady, Gemini71 is so right. I started with my pain 3 years ago (chronic pain anyway) and it escalated to the point where i was hospitalised because i was being ignored and things took so long to process. I now have injections into my nerve root or rather injection, singular, as i am waiting for my second one right now), and they really help me. But i had it on May 1st this year, its' relief lasted for about three months, and here i sit waiting, waiting, waiting for my next one, as my ability to continue working slowly diminishes. VERY frustrating.

The wheels of administration and referral seem to turn SO slowly. I am a mytherer, and i email and phone people until they get fed up of me. Sadly this seems to be one of the only ways to get anything done. The other way is having a good professional to be your advocate and myther for you! I have had a couple of those too, wonderful people.

I waited over a year to go to Pain Clinic and no amount of mythering got me in quicker!!! Frankly, i didn't personally find them much help either, as i had already researched and used the techniques they use by the time my appointment came! However, I think they are a useful resource as far as getting pain medication sorted, so do not be put off by my experience.

If you are in too much pain to continue to work, please go back to the GP and explain that your fear losing your job, financial independence and quality of life if you do not find a solution NOW. The GP should still be able to prescribe medication that helps, it just may take some "tuning". If you want to try something ask them. I know it is terribly hard, but don't give in.

Ring your local Occupational therapist and refer yourself, and see if they can give you anything to help in the meantime such as equipment to help you at work and home. Could you have a good talk with your boss about anything they could do at work for you to help? A GP can write a note to ask for light duties for you, you have certain rights at work- are you in a Union? Be as proactive as you can and work out what you need and how to get it, the answers don't always lie in one direction. Good luck :) x


I am in the same boat my work are now assessing me for Ill health retirement or dismissal and I've never had a day off sick before now! I've hurt my foot and back falling down stairs and have been off since the fall 8 months ago I'm in constant pain and struggle to walk I have to use a crutch still. I find it so frustrating that us 'workers' have to wait so long for appointments especially when they are aware are jobs are on the line! I'm still waitin to be diagnosed an have yet to see my new specialists I've have been ringin up most days trying to get appointments brought forwards. I've been put on gabapentin but not finding it any use and have had patch treatments too to no avail. I'm now worrying I will loose my job while waitin for my diagnosis and end up with nothing! There's just no help available to push for answers which is so frustrating. Sorry for my moan but totally get were your coming from! Keep fighting for answers each day, fingers crossed for you

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Sadly this is the picture everywhere. Health service just cant cope . I suppose you can only say we are lucky to have a health service. I couldn't manage with my problems if I didn't have the NHS. But these waits can seem intolerable when you have so much hanging on it. I do hope you get some help soon.


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