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Just feeling YUK!

Hi all, Hope you are all well and hanging in there. Been feeling like I'm taking a nosedive last few days and retreated from the world a bit! Today is horrid, hubby gone to work so sitting alone here with my not so best buddy Mr Pain for company. Everything hurts today, and to top it off coming down with a wretched cold! atm up to the 1800mg gabapentin which pain specialist originally prescribed, but with the option to go to 3.2gr if needed. I'm hoping I've not reached a tolerance level for the gabapentin as it had really helped with pain. Feeling very isolated and alone, so who better to talk to than my lovely friends on here.

lots of love

Jo x

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hi Joanie, sorry I've not been on for a while but I've been feeling a bit down too and been sorting out as in process of moving too. I hope you are feeling better now and at this moment the sun is shining and I can appreciate the lovely autumn colours looking outside my window.

I am on the waiting list for a new hip revision for end of November which is longer than what I wanted but had problems with MRSA and this makes you tired, feeling better now as just look forward to getting this done and then I'll be back to work. Thankfully I'm not in pain like you are but I do hope your pain gets less each day xx


Cath thank you for your kind words. I wish you all the best for your op, guess you will have a long recovery process?

Jo x


must be something about the time of year as not feeling too good. I am back to square one again, Everything hurts again. Gabapentin made me feel sick , went light headed and ended up with migraine, physio says he cant do anymore and await update from work. cant sleep hence reason im typing this now... keeping mobile Pilates it is then,

keep smiling



Really sympathise and empathise with you, this chronic pain thing is a bloody nightmare isn't it 😓 I've got pain 24/7 due to a fractured pelvis caused by osteoporosis which they can't fix because my bones are too weak to hold the pins etc so know exactly how you feel. The only good thing to remember is that you are NOT alone, it's so isolating when you're in pain and it makes you feel that you are fighting this all by yourself but there are lots of people here who are in the same boat and can support you. When I've been really down, I've really appreciated the kind words from the people here so felt I should return the favour!

Keep going honey, it's hard I know but take it easy 😊


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