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I was born with scoliosis had an operation when I was 4 then when I was 18 to correct my leaning over. The operation left me in severe pain after years of stronger and stronger painkillers and the pain never under control now on oxycontin and oxynorm plus pregabalin (similar to gabapentin) while the pain under better control it is still such a daily struggle. I'm sure you all know how long term pain messes you up. I guess I'm looking for support groups or advice I've been through the nhs system. Life seems frozen in time with pain the only thing I have.

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Hi Paul you soul , pain does mess you up physically and mentally and we seem to be in a battle daily trying to keep our sanity above water. It's hard no matter what our physical condition or diagnosis is. I so sympathise and know where you are coming from. Someone told me something recently , when we are feeling unhappy smile for 5 secs and it makes you feel better . It does for a short while, I'll try anything to keep me going . I try to do things that make me smile to keep my sanity but it can be difficult. Try not to let pain control you it's hard . Have you got any support groups around you? Have you gone on to painconcern and see what you can pull from their?

I'm around if you fancy a batter anytime .



I had a spinal fusion when I was 13 (now i am 18) because i had severe scoliosis. There are a lot of complications that this surgery can cause even after years. I got chronic shoulder and back pain which is considered common and 'normal' after a surgery like this. I've learned to live with the pain as I don't have any other options. Painkillers don't really help for nerve pain unless it's a narcotic drug. Exercise helps!!! Stretching, yoga, swimming, physiotherapy. I understand your struggle and I know that it feels scary to exercise with implants in your spine. Keep it up!


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