Pregab ?

Hi I was given pregabilin for chronic pain that I have had for 2 years now so was wondering how long side effects last was on 100 a day then up to 150 then 200 wow felt like my whole world had gone to pot couldn't stand it ,so had to come off slowly back down to the very low dose so then it was non ,but weeks following my pain seemed to ease it was great BUT now back to really bad pain........don't know weather to try again ??? So confused

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  • It works for me know the side effects have been strong I was on 3600mg gabapentin but could not take side effects any more felt body was not mine so I was put on 600mg pregabelin which I tolerate quite well side effects still there but rather have side effects than the pain any day. Does not take away all pain but has significant impression on it. Know it does not work for everybody but maybe you should try it again start off on low dose and see how you tolerate it. Take care.

  • Hi. I have been on 600mg for some years now. I currently take 300mg twice a day. I didn't have any side effects building upto that amount really.

    My GP wanted me to reduce a number off my meds as I'm on the max with all off them. So we decided that Pregabiline would be the 1st one to reduce. I did this slowly so my body could cope.

    I did have some bad effects then so I had to go back upto original max amount. I did have probs then for a number off months.

    But at least we know that it helps. Unfortunantly we have had to put that on Hold for the time being due to my poor health.


  • Need pregabalin at 600mg on the odd occasion I was late in ordering prescription and went without I really felt the pain. Find side effects hard ie weight increase, getting word muddled up, memory is terrible can't remember basic things my mum who is 85 has better memory than me. Whole range of side effects but they do help with pain without a doubt.

  • I'm also on a lot of opioids sevradol,fentanyl patch,25 mic slow release find the fentanyl not working to well due to not sticking well,ant the sevradol 2-4 hourly when pain really bad keeps me out of hospital at the moment but would love to come off these an take one thing

  • Thank you for you help find it very helpful x

  • Hi.

    No probs!!!

    I have been told that I need: Deep Brain Stimulation for my Chronic Pain. To date I have been to see a number off Pain Consultants who have all said this but the NHS won't Fund it.

    Great Stuf !!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi was on pregabilin 900mgs a day for 5 years now stopped working for me now so had to come of them for me the side effects were not to bad for me, if u do start again start low for a week then if the pain is still bad up the dose again but if u feel it,s not working go back to pain specialist and tell them it's not working and they may try some else good luck

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