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doctors don't know what wrong

i have had a chest and back problem for three years now had every test done and they still dont know what is wrong with me even my doctor has said isn't it annoying you that we dont know what rong? yes obviously mate.

and also got told that they are not going to know whats wrong with me for another 6 7 years bloody ridiculous they just diagnosed it a intense chest pain and just give me painkillers and i dont want painkiller i want it fixinig they mis diagnoised me 3 times already

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You are not alone in the Doctors having no idea what is wrong with you.

90% of the people who pass through the pain clinic doors never get a diagnosis. That is one of the mysteries of chronic pain.

You can have all the scans availaible, tests, investigations and still get the same result. They just don't know.

It could be something as simple as an injury from childhood long forgeten. Or a knock or twist that you may not even been aware off.

Yes we all like tohave a named condition. It sort of helps us to come to terms with the pain but your GP is right. All he can do is give you pain meds to help relieve the pain.

Pat x


Hello Pat

Above sounds like my early days when I had high hopes and was not as cynical as I am now

How are you doing



Hi there,

you better get use to doctors not knowing what is wrong with you, from what I have seen around 95% of people who have any back problem never get correctly diagnosed, I have had a back problem since 1976 after an accident in the army and to this day every doctor I have seen has never been able to give me a reason for all the pain and back spasm's, the only doctor who gave me anything that is useful was the one many years ago and they carried out "MUA" (Manipulation Under Anaesthetic) which is they put you out and then move your body about to see if you react if you do then there is definitely something wrong and you are not making it up or it is all in your mind, I had this done after I started to think that everything was in my head and that there was nothing wrong with me, to this day I have been told different things by different doctors are the cause but none of them are sure.

All you can do is try to manage your pain and get on with life.

As they say it is a "Doctors Practice" they are still learning they do not know most of how the body works or what causes pain.

Regards Poppy Ann

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So all life threatening conditions have been ruled out and your blood pressure, cholesterol, liver function, insulin levels etc are in the clear? That's good news. So its pain you are left without an answer as to cause. Medicine, believe it or not, is NOT an exact science, unlike physics or mathematics (and even maths doesn't always add up!). The best plan is to manage the pain, there no such thing as total pain "killers", so ask to be referred to a Pain Management Centre, where there is a degree of expertise available.


Yes you will not be able to treat the condition only the symptoms. Try asking what it is not and then you can try and research what the condition is.

If you have been given a date in years, what do they feel the problem may be by that time, old age.

You say they misdiagnosed three times, how do you know when thy do not know what is wrong ?? There must be something to misdiagnose.

When you talk about chest, there will most probably be a connection with tendons, bones and nerves, not forgetting problems, soft bone structures.

Could you ask for appointments in a Pain Clinic ? I confirm GPs practice medicine.

You could be sensitizing the amount of pain you are suffering from as pain is such a personal feeling. What is severe chronic pain to one patient can be just worrying to the next door bed.



This sounds like the time to start looking at the complementary practitioners like:

Reflexologists, McTimony CHiropractors, Alexander Teachers and Massage Therapists. Tight muscles in the chest can give you the symptoms you have. The difficulty you have is that poor muscle behaviour and the pain and discomfort it causes are not covered in a doctors training. Poor muscle behaviour does not show up on x-rays or MRI scans.

Give the above mentioned therapists a try after networking with people in your local community concerning good practitioners.

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

Hope this helps


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