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DWP sent a copy of their reply

Well seems there is hardly a week going by with the DWP sending mail, you would think that that they know who they are addressing. A nice big fat brown envelope. In my haste to see what they sent I failed to notice it was for a "Mrs Elizabeth Parker" wow I must have changed my name somewhere in the last few weeks. (ha ha) But on reading the contents of the Appeal Pack I know it was mean't for me. So this must mean that DWP will have to sent a new Appeal Pack to me. Also in their haste they have made a few mistakes with what they say was sent to them.. I know I have 3 children living, but only 2 of them sent letters and both of them are from my daughters, my son did not write a letter.

I see that they received a report from my doctor which does not contain all my medical conditions. Part of the doctor's report tells them that I am waiting on a referral from my surgeon so the doctor could not comment on my on-going chronic hernia mesh pain.

I shall be asking the doctor for another report on all my medical conditions that are on-going problems.

I see my surgeon on 25th August, will also ask to be added to any letters that they send to my doctor. Wonder if they would give a report as well.

hugs Liz

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Good on you!! Yes I had similar problems a few years ago now. But let's just say when I turned up in my electric wheelchair & the first question the Dr asked how far can I "Walk" the interview ended "Then & There"

It begs belif !!!! & I'm the one with the "B/I" aren't I ?????

"Good Luck"

Give Them Sum!!!!!!



I wouldn't have opened it and sent it back marked "NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS" then telephoned them to say what you'd done. After all, it's against the law to open mail not addressed to you ;0)


my brain did not even realise it was not my name.... yeah I know If I had just read the name I would have sent it back


This happened to me but I fear things will not improve will only get worse


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