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stupid pain

So guys, I have had severe endometriosis for 7 or 8 years now, and just recently had my third surgery earlier this year for it. I have lost 2 jobs because I had to call in sick so much and now I have a feeling that I am about to lose another job, which sucks not only because I live paycheck to paycheck in a small town with very little work going, but also because I love my job and the fact that I get to make peoples lives better every shift. I am so sick of being sick or sore every day, I just want a normal day of being happy and healthy. I have just about had enough!

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Hi Jen,

Have you declared this as a disability to your employer, you should have some protection as you do qualify? Also are you in contact with anyone from the endo official sites as they can offer a lot of help?.

Sorry to hear your going through the wringer at the moment and if you need to have a winge and get things of your chest this is a great place.




You are still in work. This means that you have resources to try on treatments outside what doctors can give you. I have looked up endometriosis on the internet.

My understanding is that you have extra tissue which gives normal everyday activities less room to move in. The extra tissue because it is taking up extra room is getting bruised and inflamed by constant battering from muscular activity. A possible approach is to get some help to see if you are able to reduce the muscular activities which cause bruising of tissue.

There are two approaches: "Mindfulness and meditation" which will enable you to become more aware of yourself and give you the tools to study how your body reactes under varying circumstances. Being aware of which activities is causing you grief you can look at changing them. Mindfulness and meditation can be learnt from Buddhist groups for little or no cost. The other approach is the Alexander Technique. This will give you the tools to use the muscles of the body in different way and make you aware how posture and bad muscular habits can influence how much pain and discomfort you experience on a day to day basis.

Hope this helps


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