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Chronic pain,asthma,fibro,anxiety and endometrosis

I dont even know where to sart. I have all these medical issues recently started talking to psych and its really helping. I have been having the worst fibro flares ever my meds dont work I exercise , I love laying in the hot shower feels good on muscles, I had surgery over a year ago herniantd dsk buldge L5s1, ya what a joke pain never goes away, in fac its worse, I use to love the nights now I dread them, I wake up at least 4 times a night. I have tried everything, PT water arobics, yoga Pillates, and Im still involved along with support groups so that helps. Glad to know there r others out thter feeling the same. Sometimess I feel alone.

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Could it be that an underlying cause for the fibro and endo is actually low thyroid

has anyone properly tested


Free T4

Free T3

Thyroid antibodies ?


Good call from Reallyfedup,

Have a read of some of the posts on the Thyroid part of HealthUnlocked so that you are armed with information when you go and see your GP.

As well as the thyroid bloods (They probably wont do the T3 unless you can be really forceful with them, but make sure they check your antibodies as well as TSH and T4) ask to have your vitamin B12, D3, ferritin, and folate done. If you have endometriosis, you may well be anaemic. If you do have thyroid problems, you will probably be low on vitamins and minerals.

Best wishes, Maggie x


Thx your awesome


Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time. Please take comfort in knowing you are now alone. There are plenty of chronic pain sufferers out there who can empathise. I too hate the nights due to disturbed sleep. I have found that mindfulness sometimes helps me. I am currently doing a mindfulness for health course with breatheworks and use the headspace app. I'm glad to hear talking therapy is helping.

Keep smiling x


Thanks its nice to hear from you , I just started going. Ive been having such a hard time at night these last few moths have been hell. My fibro started up andits always around 6 or7 its crazy how its the sae, also the mornings I feel likeI just wernt to bed as I am draging, I get my best sleep around 2 am -4 then 5 till when i finally get up around 7. Then there is my sciatice that has been buggin last week I had it for 4 days straight, mydr gave me a shot and it helped, I wasreay to go to ER just to get relief:( I miss laying in bedwith my partner hes the best. I stare at him as he is at piece and I thank God for that he deserves it. My back surgery was almost 2 years ago and it seems lie thinkgs r worse now. Im exercising trying to do the best I ccan to be a good mom partner friend. Its hard tho. Ive gotten pretty good at not showing what im going through. I guess thats why Iliketo type have a otebook tell my thoughts and look for others who need a ear as well


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