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Life as I know It

Well I have got an appointment to see the surgeon on 25th August with regard to my chronic mesh pain. Wondering and hoping that there is something that they will be able to do.

What is churning through my mind is that the surgeon who did the surgery said that she suggested that it would improve over time.. Wrong it has gotten worse. My brain is becoming foggy with all the pain killers. Or another operation to remove mesh, leaving me with original hernia and no guarantee being pain free.

But I am getting before myself, new surgeon to see and possibly new avenues to explore. So watch this space

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You don't say how long ago you had the hernia done ? If it was a while ago the materials they use have changed, it may be worth asking if there is an alternative material they can use to keep the hernia from popping out and causing pain. Sadly regardless of the amount of pain killers you take there are some pains that just will not quieten down.


I had my hernia repair in August 2011


That's quite recently then, did they use Gortex? I use to work with the man that pioneered the use of it, I've never heard of it causing problems before. That's awfully unlucky. I hope that you get your problems sorted out.


I am trying to access my medical records try am find out exactly which type of mesh they used. All I know is that it is polypropelene.

I have sent a request to the hospital to see my records. I shall be asking when I see the surgeon on the 25th


Hi Liz,

It seems we are in a similar situation. I too have had a hernia repair (in November 2012) and am currently waiting to hear from my surgeon, also concerning the removal of the mesh. My main problem is that my pain started in 2006, along with other problems in that area, so there is no way of knowing if the mesh is the problem. I would be interested to hear your progress and will share any advice I pick up along the way. Hope you get on well at the hospital.



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