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Sleep, siactica and back pain


Anyone got any tips for getting comfy at night and help them sleep?

I would be grateful for anything to try as sleep is non existent!!

Thanks in advance! L x

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Memory foam topper for me is a must. And if I travel and go by car, a smaller cut up version helps. Other than that experiment which side suits you best. My left side is best these days but in the past it was my right ride. Back and stomach are a no no for me. Everyone is different.

Occasionally I need a knee / thigh cushion.

I also find it better to have my own space, then as now I can go on the Internet without disturbing anyone whilst I become really tired enough to sleep.

See a physio. Apart from learning how to do the right kind of stretching exercises, they can also show you the right way to lie down and get up again, and how to position yourself to relieve the pain. If you can't get to a physio quickly, then a sports medicine clinic should be able to help

Yes I will have a chat with my Physio regarding this.

Thanks! Lx


Try a pillow between your knees, that helps me. Also a rub like Radian B or Ibuleve.

I have to agree with JayneP - i have had chronic back pain for 6 years now, and then somebody told me about the ''pillow between the knees'' - and its the best bit of advice i have ever had. Yes, I still wake up - the pain doesn't magically disappear, and turning over can be a nightmare for me. But having a pillow between my knees and ankles really really does help.

Leelee16661 in reply to jaffa7

Thank you. Will definately be trying this tonight!! Will let you know how I get on! L x

I have two lower spine prolapsed discs, two lower neck prolapsed discs, arthritis along the spine, sciatica left leg from my buttock to my toes and fybromyalgia. I have a few more spinal problems but these are the major ones. I have been waiting for urgent surgery for ten months! I take tramadol, lyrica, codeine, paracetamol and naproxen to help control the pain. All of these drugs are at the maximum dosage and require additional medication to control the many side effects! Have you been prescribed any drugs? I found I had to experiment with mine to get the maximum benefit and to help me sleep. The time the drugs are taken at is crucial for me and wherever I am I try to take my drugs at the same time each day. I have a memory foam mattress, a neck support pillow and an electric blanket. I go to bed at the same time every night if I can. I am in bed about two hours before my husband as any movement causes me pain. My husband says he can barely breathe for fear of disturbing me. Separate beds would probably be better but I'm not ready for that yet. I have to lie on my back as I find that the most comfortable position when using the neck support pillow. I suppose at the end of the day a shorter response would have been to tell you that it is really trial and error to see what suits you best. You should insist on whatever pain relief you need ( some surgeries are reluctant to prescribe tramadol long term and lyrica is an expensive drug .) When all else fails a couple of glasses of wine does the trick! I hope you find some relief soon.

Leelee16661 in reply to Imdone

Thank you so much for your reply. Sounds like you are going through it bad. They have me on tramdol and Lyrica for the pain and diazepam at night. Just sleeping can be a nightmare... Not getting a full night sleep and having 3 hours interrupted sleep, it's just starting to take its toll. I will definately try the pillows and see if that makes a difference. Thanks again Take care L x

May sound a bit odd but have you thought of trying a pregnancy pillow? They are full length curved pillows that support the body. My friend has just got one and now she can't sleep without it, which means a her husband has a tiny amount of bed to sleep in! May be worth a try and they are fairly inexpensive.

So I tried the cushion between my knees last night and that helped a little until I moved and woke myself up!! Definitely be trying that one again. And no not thought about a pregnancy cushion, will have a look on Amazon and see what I can find, I will try anything!! Thanks for the tips! L x

I've had sciatica really bad down my right leg since February, and will be having an operation on 14 September. I'm on the full dose of Tramadol plus I take 4000mg of paracetamol as well. The sciatica is caused by spinal stenosis and a prolapsed disc, and I also have crushed discs, all at the base of my spine. I find every night is different, and what works one night doesn't seem to work another. Either way the pain wakes me up at some point, and turning in bed is so painful I have to sit up to be able to do it. Hope you find something that works for you. I like the idea of a memory foam topper and might well try that.

Leelee16661 in reply to MumofSam

Sounds like you have it bad at the moment. But yes I agree I think every night, like everyday can be different. I find turning over difficult but I can't really lay on my right side cause it's too uncomfortable as I get the pain down my right leg and am just really tender all over. I have a tempur mattress which yes cost me a small fortune, but it has to be one of my best ever buys. That does help a little bit but still sleep can just be difficult. I hope you get some relief soon. L x

I have a knee cushion between my knees and another between my ankles. Also, before I go to sleep my husband pushes pillows into my back and buttocks. This really really helps me!

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