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Ankle fusion

Hi All. Following a severe break in 1986 and plate and pins being inserted into my leg and ankle. I am now suffering severe pain in my right foot. Following numerous ct/mri scans and xrays, I have now been seeing Foot Consultant/Surgeon Mr Winson at Soutmead Hospital in Bristol. After 5 years of various pain relief and steriod injections they planned and ankle fusion. However after futher xrays and scans yesterday they have now told me there is no problem with the actual ankle joint but it is the Talonavicular joint and subtalar joint. They now plan on plating both of these joints and I will be in non weight bearing plaster for 3 months. Has anyone else had this done???

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Hi casoria, i had a triple fusion (talonavicular, subtarlar and cuboid) on 5th may 2015 i too was told 3 months in plaster but... i was 2 weeks in a back slab, 5 weeks in plaster nwb i then went into a removable boot pwb for another 6 weeks and this tuesday i am now wb in own shoes with intent to lose both crutches in about 2 weeks each hospital is different though! i am still in pain from surgery and from not using my foot for 13 weeks so cant give any good outcome at the moment, but there is a fantastic facebook site called ankle fusion where people all over the world have had foot fusions off all kinds some a lot further on then me, worth a try? If you have any quieries or questions then i will be pleased to answer them if i can, take care and good luck

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I had ankle fusion nearly eight weeks ago and it was a terrible mistake. I know, you can never go by one person but my surgeon does not understand CMT. I wish to God I had never done it. I don't think I will ever be able to walk on the ankle again. I am so angry with the surgeon and his whole office. They have ignored my plea for help with pain. I'm in the US so maybe UK docs are better. I had arthritis in the ankle joint but that was nothing compared to the mess I am in now.

I never expected the cast to cause burning and neuropathic pain. OMG. I cut the thing off with a knife myself because the surgeon would not answer my calls. I can't keep it immobile because I can't wear a cast. If you have CMT and also have fragile nerves as I do, do not get this surgery. The numbskull orthopedic surgeons know nothing about CMT and do not care.

Thanks for listening.


Further to my earlier post I had the triple ankle fusion on 7th September 2015. Went home after 4 days in full plaster and no pain. Two weeks later went back to have stitches out and 3 of the 4 cuts had healed but the one on the back of the herl was maserated (soggy) nurses words, so an iodine dressing was put on it. Wentback a week later removed plaster was a little worse so a silver dressing was put on it and repladtered. Week later went back and was no improvement so new iodine dressing swan taken and sent home with antibiotic. Another week went back had plaster removed and an infection had got into the wound and traveled into foot bursting open 2 other wounds so was kept in for 3 weeks in iv antibiotics. Eventually went home with back plaster still non weight bearing and district nurse changing dressing every 3 days and more antibiotics. This almost cleared infection but wound on heel would not completed heal leaving a round hole about 7mm diameter open and wet. On 14th December surgeon made decision to remove all metalwork. Up until now I had been pain free but when I woke up after this operation was in excritiating pain which did improve slightly but lasted for approx 2 weeks. I remained in back plaster non weight bearing until 9th January 2016. I had xrays and scan which showed the front ankle joint had completely healed, inner ankle joint 75% healed but outer ankle joint only 50%. I have been in black leg boot now weight bearing since. No pain whilst resting but mild pain in heel when putting full weight on it, unable to bend ankle forward and arch dropped so flat foot. Any suggestions on exercises etc that may help improve mobility and pain???? Ankle no longer turns inwards so unable to rotate it and fairly painful on front of foot when weight bearing and trying to bend ankle.


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