Pain Concern

shooting aches in different areas?

Since last week i've been having random shooting pains around my body that sort of pulsate, the majority of which seem to occur in my right forearm going down into my pinky but often also felt in my left shin, right calf or just about anywhere.

I was on Metronidazole for 5 days and have been on macrobid for around 3 days, I started to get some chest pains when I started the metronidazole which felt like stabbing/aching in my lungs (Which two doctors have said is muscle strain but who knows) those pains have eased up a lot in the past two days but this shooting in different areas is keeping me up worrying and aching.

Have also experienced a bit of tingling in my lips.

Don't want to see a GP again as it'll be the 4th time this week and I feel they dismiss me a lot due to my anxiety problems

Any advice welcome


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