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Wasp stings and crps

After having crps for 4 years now I came across something today that surprised me ! I got three wasp sting on my wrist and forearm and it didn't feel like it would before I had crps. From my fingers to above my shoulder went hard and so so sore and hot to touch but it felt cold to me just like it does on other areas that I have crps. I also have puns and needles and it is painful to move my joints.

Is this normal when you have crps or is it just one of those things, before if I got stung it was a sting and it felt like a sting but that was it . Any info from fello sufferers woul be much appreciated

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I have had very severe reactions to stings since having crps, try taking piriton (best on market for allergies) and if it swells and doesn't go down docs will need to give you steroids for a few days.

hope this helps



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