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Pain Down My Right Side - Exercise Related

Hi Guys!

Wonder if anyone has some advice..

I've been going through what I feel is a vicious circle at the moment! Since 15 I've always had really awful period pains, now 25 and experiencing many symptoms of pain I went to my GP. As I had always spoke of bad period pains, slight pain during sex, irregular bleeding, pain shooting down my right groin down my leg etc, endometriosis was mentioned. After lots of scans, a peek up there & a smear everything come back normal (had a few abnormal cells but he ensured me they where tiny and minuscule, where I'm still young this was normal), so endometriosis was my diagnosis!

The main symptom is the pain down my right side, this is making the most impact on my life! I am a very healthy size 8 individual whom loves exercise! About 8 months ago me and my parter went for a country walk, we did a couple of miles (the normal) and it was the first time I felt this pain down my right side (front leg, side of my groin, sometimes in the back leg under bum), it was excruciating & left me bed ridden for a whole day. Now I can just about do yoga and one gym trip a week, this pain is always there starting off mild and worsening with exercise.

I've just had my first Lap and they found NADA, I'm happy it's not endometriosis as I don't have to cut things out as I was doing for all these months. So wrong diagnosis, then what is this leg pain? I don't know what next step to take, maybe see an osteopath? The surgeon said go back to the GP and talk more about my leg and side groin pain? I'm very confused.

Anyone suffered with anything similar? This is always worsen with heavy body movement/exercise. I work as a makeup artist so am always on my feet running about.

Any feedback would be great, Charlotte :)

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Yes definitely a GP visit and lay off exercise or make sure you ice the sore area afterwards. 15 minutes on then 30 minutes off.

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Is it coming from your lower spine? That can radiate to the places you describe. Might be worth either seeing an osteopath, or a sports medicine physio.


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