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Bad day in work

Hi it looks like things just get worse by the day at work.

after a week off work i returned and found that a new system of cleaning is now in place.

for me this is a bad thing as it takes so much out of me and leaves me sore for the rest of the day.

I wish I could just get a LIGHT DUTIES JOB.

Is that too much to ask?

I have been in this job for 3 years now.

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Hi samtheoap,could you give a little more information on the type of work that you do and where do you get sore if you don't mind me asking, its just that I am a cleaner and have worked for the same company now for nearly 20yrs, have had 3 vaginal surgeries in the last 3yrs which have left me with a burning sensation in my rectum and vagina despite numerous procedures such as nerve blocks etc none of which worked for me sadly.Back in feb 2012 I had a prolapse repair surgery for the bladder and the rectum and sorry to say but have suffered ever since with chronic pain despite all the treatments I had undergone eg nerve blocks etc etc I still suffer today.


The law is a little vague on this ,if you have a disability they are obliged to try to find you a different job or change your job to something something that takes into account your condition .its recognition of your condition I would seek advice from a disability group who may be able to help you further best wishes Pete


Silly to say but have you asked for more moderate duties? You could try it out one week by saying you've sprained something and could you have lighter duties? See what happens? I have a manual job and avoid talking about my back but I've found that nearly everyone else has some kind of problem and they often switch between roles...when I'm supervising occasionally I make sure the work is spread evenly so that people I know have difficulties get a break from their normal tasks. Sadly if your line manager is evil then it's a bigger issue but you won't know if you don't ask...


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