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What is wrong with humanity

I put the News on TV earlier and it made me despair for the Human Race. All you hear is about war's, poverty, pain and suffering. All our leaders seem cruel and not interested in serving the electorate who put them in power they are mainly self serving and pander to the Multinationals and Media owners who actually run the country.

Don't get me wrong there are also a lot wonderful, caring and helpful people too. But good News don't sell papers. All them poor Migrants and Asylum Seekers risking their lives and also their children. The Government then spin the line that terrorists are blending in so they can get into Europe which to me is total BS it just gives the Government's a excuse not to help them.

The place they mainly come from at present is Syria which the war there is a offshoot of the Iraq invasion by mainly the USA and UK, who now don't want to help these people. Bush and Blair should be charged for War Crimes but that wouldn't happen. These Governments are using religion as a excuse to scare the population.

I wonder if the day will come when the Human Race wakes up and realise how futile these war's are. I doubt it though. Until the day greed, the love of power, and world domination are eradicated things will stay the same. All this will one day end up in tears but I fear things will never change. I think Humanity have a death wish

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I understand and feel your shout here, believe me, I do. It seems like I drift in and out of moments that I care and don't care anymore for being too sick.

I think many are in the same boat as I am. Makes me glad that I do not have the television in my bedroom nor do I take the newspaper on most days right now.

I used to but it made me so upset that I quit reading and started praying for our nation. A few people make that decision in the USA, I wasn't asked. I never was a fan of Bush. Few people that I know do like him. So use the news as a distraction or avoid it because it makes things worse like it does for me

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Man in Jim jams insists on waking up to the 6 o'clock new on radio 4. Not a thing to be recommended. If I am real down I avoid all news. All we can do is do our bit to make our small corner of the environment better and cross your fingers.

The human race is undoubtedly going to hell in a hand cart but what bothers me is we are taking the planet down with it. having said that there are uplifting stories out there they just don't get reported.

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You would think leaders of government would learn from

History ww1 the war to end all wars power mad leaders of countries and there's still poverty In Europe food banks in the UK in the 21st century are we going backwards ? I use to read newspaper but its propaganda same with reality TV take your mind off the real problems


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