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16 years old- abnormal breathing home alone- help

Please help me. I am sixteen years old and home alone. I don't know what happened.

I dodon't usually exercise, but I noticed I am near to a good body for myself because I work so much. I decided I was going to start working out to try and help my body along, and I heard that it improves health. Well I lay in my floor, and did sit ups. I didn't count them. I just kept going until I physically couldn't do any more sit ups. When I stood up, my breathing was irregular. Every single time I Arch my back left or right, its like I I'm breathing without my lungs actually inflating or deflating. I can't tell if I'm exhaling or inhaling, but it sounds different depending on which way I arch my back. I don't feel any pain at all other than my tired muscles. I don't know if there is a bone or muscle or something pressing against my lungs, I don't know. I can't feel anything. I just hear breathing coming from my throat. Please help. I can't get a hold of my mother until she gets off work.

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I can breath, talk in full sentences, etc. Nothing is wrong except the breathing.

I cannot get medical help until my mother shows up. I live too far away from civilization to walk, there is no land line, I have no phone, and she isn't picking up on Skype.


Hope you are ok now. Clearly you over did the exercises. Being young and fit you were able to go on and on without your body protesting until it had had more than enough. Sit ups are not the best of exercises and you need someone who knows what they are doing, to show you the right way. Its the devil being a teen, always so worried about appearance! If you are serious about exercise, get to a gym if you must. Best exercise is walking and running but wait a few weeks until your muscles settle down again. Perhaps get your doc to check you over soon.


You can always phone the NHS24 helpline (or whatever they are calling it this week).


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