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my mom is 72 years old and she had also diabetes from 10 years and she had also osteoporosis now two month before she had fracture before wrist (left arm). doctor suggest to plaster on it. now doctor take out the plaster she is also doing physiotherapy. but day by day pain is increasing and medicine also not work some time swelling on wrist and some time not. doctor seen X-ray, said bone has good condition. please suggest me what can i do or it happen some time.

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it is difficult to tell what is happening. When an elderly person puts a limb in plaster there is a knock on effect. The plaster stops muscles being used. When the muscles are not being used they shorten and become painful to use.

Physiotherapy is not enough. The muscles need to be massaged in appropriate places to allow the development of easy movement. You need to find someone who is good at massage.

The muscles in the arm also have a connection into the back. If he back is not functioning as it should then it will have an effect on the arm. It is worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to check everything is as it should be. The McTimony chiropractor that I see has shown me that if the muscles in the wrist are too tight then the fingers lose some of their strength.

Hope this helps


It could be nerve or ligament damage. Tell her to see her docter again and keep on going back until he finds the problem and helps her with the pain. Has she told her physiotherapist about the pain and swelling? She may be able to do some altrasound treatment which may help. Also try cold packs before excercise and to keep swelling down.


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