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Hello forum users,

I'm Jon Tyson, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at Surrey University (UK). I’m doing some research into chronic pain and how it can be helped by changing the way we think. The kind of thoughts I'm interested in are ones that come to mind in picture form (or picture-thoughts as we call them). More is explained in the study, which should take between 10 and 20 minutes. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to my online study (you may need to copy and paste into your browser):

Many thanks!


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  • Jon. I got to the page when you say was creating a pain picture easy.... hard... I selected impossible. Next page insists I have a pain picture or one cannot progress.

    I don't want a picture of my pain. It was created by different sources at different times in my life. I have pictures that take me away from pain. They are what allows me to fight on after 32yrs of daily pain. Rib

  • Thanks Rib, I think you've found a fault with the questionnaire. This was supposed to go to a different page.

    The questionnaire helps people to change pictures of their pain, to reduce its power. This is compared against thinking of other, unrelated images. Keep up the fight and thanks for your response.

  • Hi I did the survey but did not do the drawings as i doubt anyone would be able to make out what i was thinking about by looking at them.

    regards Poppy Ann.

  • Thank you Poppy. The drawing is non essential, I know it can be very difficult to translate ideas and pictures in your mind onto paper.

    Your help is much appreciated though.


  • Hello jonathan,just wanted to say thanks for posting your research study,I am an artist but also a chronic pain syndrome sufferer for a ver very long time,I did half of the practice,then got very tired with pain,but I haven't made time for drawing in years,I do mainly abstract work,but yes so many emotions came up,think that's why I had to stop,but I will do it again and send you the drawings,also I am very interested in this area of research so I will e.mail you soon.if anyone else has had a go at drawing I'd love to hear what you thought,I find it amazing the unconscious thoughts that happen so quickly,I can't draw that well,but many modern artists can't,I just find that when I do concentrate on something other than my painful body,even one second of pain levels dropping slightly is telling me that pain can change.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for your comments. Your experience of using the questionnaire is really important to me. I think pictures of pain have a unique way of connecting with emotions, but they can also be slightly scary for the same reason. I appreciate your courage in trying the questionnaire again. I would certainly be interested in hearing your thoughts... Both about your pain and using the questionnaire.

    I really like your conclusion; even one second of pain dropping means pain can change.

    Look forward to hearing from you again.


  • Thanks to everyone for your responses. They have been really fascinating so far. If there is anyone else out there who could spare 10-20 minutes of your time, I would really appreciate it. The more people who can complete the questionnaire, the more worthwhile it will be.

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