A wonderful spiritual man with possibly help

I thought I would share this wonderful mans words of help and spiritual help. If yoou are liking what he says all his videos are wonderful and will help everyone

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  • Luckily the link doesn't work.

    Pat x

  • Why luckily? That is very derogatory.

    I did as the system said but it didn't create the link properly. So, those that are wishing to have a look and have some humility just copy the link and paste

  • What works for one doesn't for another but we are all struggling here to find anything that helps. This particular method is not for me but I would defend everyone right to give and receive any information they feel is relevant. Paton , you don't need to read the post or follow the link but why be unpleasant .

  • Thank you deejames you have just put my faith back in humanity.

  • Why dont the pair of you just reply asking Pat why she said it rather than launch a full scale personal attack?

    You may just discover that her computer "speaks" the posts that she reads but it does not "speak" what she posts. So any spellchecker intervention is totally unknown to her.

    Spouting stuff about humanity to someone you obviously know nothing about and showing nothing but intolerance of others disabilities at the same time. Rib

  • As a registered blind user of this forum sometimes words are misspelt. I do have a tlkin computer which unfortunately does NOT read when I am replying to posts. Hence many of my answers are filled with spelling mistakes. Most people who know me on this forum seem to understand my longer answers and make allowances for no sight.

    Pat x

  • That is fine Pat LOL. One can never see the whole picture of life or someones point of view from their perspective. I had followed the instructions to the link and it didn't work.

  • I don't recognise your name so are you new to this forum?

    Pat x

  • Not here that often as I don't always have time to go to everything I join. I did join hoping that there might be someone who has a similar problem but I have not yet seen anyone with it. It long and complicate and can't be diagnosed and I have been screaming my head of for 15 years. I live on 400mg morphine a day which is now becoming u.s.. I go through times of lots of depression and suicide seems to be the only way out of the pain. Matt and his words resonate with me as I know he is always talking of love and concern. But I will never knock anyones beliefs, religion, colour, social behaviour if that is their upbringing. I will say if they are crossing boundaries if they insult, try to harm and be disingenuous to others. If spirituality is something you have a belief in then Matt has a link with your beliefs. If its not them its not worth listening too as much of it would or could go against your own beliefs. We humans are complex society to deal with as your damned if you do and your damned if you don't. So I just respect offer my thoughts and people can take it or leave without hopefully being judgemental.

  • If you paste the replies into a test editor first and then read the contents of the text editor. It might help.

    You can cut and paste from a text editor into the web page.

    I do not have a sight problem so please put up with my ignorance if what I have suggested is impossible to do.

    In both windows and linux there are text to speech problems which will read whathas been typed.

  • PS

    I believe the word should have read unfortunately.

    Pat x

  • Technology can create problems all of its own!

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