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I have had a severe DVT in my leg, in April 2013, it affected the full leg from groin to behind the knee and down the calf. I still have pain in the groin from time to time but I have noticed that I look like I have an odd pair of legs as the affected limb is on average 2inches in diameter bigger.

I also have CRPS in the bottom of the leg

I'm not sure if the size difference is due to the DVT or CRPS.

Any advice would be brilliant


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CRPS can affect the size, this is my hand


CRPS has affected my lower leg with swelling and discolouration. However, my upper leg is also swollen but without the discolouration or burning and pain symptoms that i have with the CRPS, so im not sure if the upper leg is from the DVT or not. My lower leg has never gone back to its original size or color so i am encouraged to see that you have good days. i hope i get them at some point. Thanks


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