Chronic pain from lower back down both legs

Hello everyone.ok am in a very bad way at the minute with pain in my mid and lower back going down both legs affecting my knees and ankles. It started after I had my appendix out last year. Doctor kept saying it would get better but it didn't. I was prescribed solpadol which worked for my pain Untill it stoped working 3 months ago. I have to use two crutches when out and about. I'm in agonising pain all day everyday. I'm lucky if I can get 4 hours a night. It's so bad that even doing a few dishes makes me want to cry. In the past year I have been given vimovo,lyrica,neurontin,etoflam gel,lidocaine patches,solpadol,4 diefene injections,moral anti depressants,amitriptyline,another anti depressants I can't remember the name of,another anti inflammatory I can't remember the name of, ibuprofen 600mg, diazepam. I have tried heating pads , cold packs,tiger balm,tiger ointment,horsebalm,epsom salts,paracetamol,nurofen. I have been attending physio and a sport injury therapist but they can't help me anymore. This year I lost my rented home cause I couldn't work due to pain and had to move back with my folks. I have no job,no money. I was in college but had to drop out because my course was to demanding physically. iv lost a lot this year and I'm dealing with all this pain and I'm getting depressed again because of pain and stress due to family troubles. I'm applying for disability and supplementary while waiting for a verdict. Iv had blood work done an mri and xray all clean. Had an ENDOSCOPY as well cause of bad stomach pain since appendix got taken out. Still waiting for those results. Nothing is helping my pain and no doctor will give me anything that would work because they are afraid of addiction. All I keep getting is stuff that has been tried and failed. I feel like I'm slowly going crazy. Can barely walk now. Even taking a bath or changing sheets kills my back. Can't do anything anymore. IM ONLY 22 YEARS OLD BUT FEEL 70. please tell me I'm not alone as no one around me can understand. If been called lazy and been accused of faking it for attention. This is not a life anyone should endure. I have nights that I cry myself to sleep or I rock in a ball cause the pain pushes me to the edge.

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  • It is crazy that a GP's fear of addiction prevents them from prescribing DF118. Tell them you looked it up in the British National Formulary. That is like the top prescription medicines encyclopedia for lack of a better description.

    It lists all the prescibable medicines and carries the data sheets for each of the drugs.

    DF118 is Duncan & Flocheart formula number 118 (forgive spelling). They are an opiate but have a record of being extremely well tolerated and very rare addiction problems. They are a drug that works on an accumulative basis. If you have severe pain and take one, you are likely to still have pain. Take one four times a day and by end of day two you should begin to feel the pain fading. By day 4 there should be a nice net curtain taking the blinding light of the pain.

    It is reckoned to be 100 times more analgesia than pethidine (which is what they give to women in child birth.

    It is a small white tablet with DF 118 or generics DH 30. It is 30mg of dihydrocodine

    Well worth a swot up on. Of course I am not your GP and therefore cannot judge the suitability of this medicine for you to take. I am merely making you aware of its existence and the primary details that BNF publish in the DF preparations list. As for effectiveness this is based upon 30 yrs of prescribed usage without any sign of addiction. The condition requiring their prescription is still present.

    Regards Rib

  • You are not crazy! You are not alone! My MRI showed a minor little bulged disc at my L4-L5 disc. BUT, it was so small that it did not account for my extreme level of lumbar pain & bilateral sciatica pain than continually shot down both legs into my ankles. Still the doctors treated that disc problem for a year! NOTHING helped...not even morphine!

    Then a doctor performed a DISCOGRAM.

    In a discogram they mildly sedate you, put you under an xray machine, and one at a time inject the discs in the area of your pain with dye. This checks for tears & related leaks of disc material out between your spine onto your nerve roots.

    The MRI did not show any deformation of the disc. The x-rays didn't show any variance in the vertebrae spacing. But, they discogram DID show that the disc was ruptured!!

    The put me in surgery, removed the disc & fused the vertebrae within days. Only problem...disc fluid is caustic. After a year of burning my sciatic nerves the damage is permanent. Bilateral sciatica is permanent.

    SO...get yourself down to doctors & have him order up a discogram on your back right away!!!! Tell him that I work at a hospital & I said the way they flop around sedated people pist-op could easily damage a disc!

    Keep us posted. Good Luck!

  • Can you get to see a Pain Specialist?

  • im currently on a waiting list. my doctor said he would refer me last year but he did not. another doctor has refered me but i will be waiting months

  • You are not alone! Poor you! You have tried lots of things and there's some good advice here already. It's hard to persevere looking for treatment when you are in so much pain. It's makes people feel very vulnerable. Can your parents or a friend come with you to the doctor to advocate on your behalf? We need support in these circumstances! Don't give up! Big hugs

  • You sound terrible I really feel for you but I think you should get a second opinion or see a specialist in that field hope you can get some answers it's the not know that bothers me ! Good luck to you for the pain free life we want x

  • Change GP, you need to find one that will prescribe analgesia. Ask for pain clinic referral and ask to be referred to a spinal consultant. Of course we become addicted to pain killers but not because we get a 'hit' but because we need them regularly to help the pain. If they don't work we reduce off them and try something else. That is what they are there for. I know you aren't working but could your parents pay for an initial consultation with a specialist as he will tell you What is needed and will write to your GP to tell him. Finally try a TENS macine, the belt one's are better x

  • i have tried a tens machine. it did nothing but provide a distraction till i turned it off then the pain came right back

  • Oh, my heart goes out to you. Having experienced chronic bone pain at times, I know how it feels to be in constant pain....absolutely ghastly and depressing. You are certainly not alone. I can't believe they haven't taken loads of spinal xrays, are you sure they didn't leave anything inside when they operated (that may sound stupid, but that happened to a friend of mine and he was in agony for 2 years before they figured it out) All these things need to be asked and you need answers...demand them. No doctor should leave a patient in your state of pain.....they shouldn't be practicing medicine. My opinion anyway. Make lots of fuss,, demand investigations, and go to another doctor!!!!!!! Lots and lots of good wishes.....wish I could ease your will get lots and lots of marvellous advice on this site, so keep reading!!! :)

  • Thank you all for your replies. Iv seen 5 doctors and there all to scared that I will become addicted. The neo showed nothing was left inside me after the operation. I'm waiting to see a pain specialist and a nuroligist. One doctor referred me for counseling and another reffered me to a psychiatric service. I know it's not in my head. Iv been fighting this for 13 months now. Today I can just about lift my right leg. I'm a positive person by nature and don't like to complain but I'm soo tired of the pain. The doc I seen this week thinks it could be a thyroid problem but I no it's not.

  • Sounds like you need an MRI to rule out back problems. If it's not that then he must have messed up in your surgery. Hope you get to the bottom of it sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi

  • i was in good health until i had my appendix out august 13th 2013. i have not had one day pain free since

  • Sounds like the doctor messed you up sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • im starting to think the same thing

  • Have you actually been screened or properly checked out for inflammatory spinal arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis)? Sciatic type pain from lower back down both legs is not usually (almost never?) from a disc or mechanical or injury related spine problem but is one of the indicators of inflammatory back pain. That can be treated, but you would need to be seeing a rheumatologist. So first step I would think would be ask for a rheumatology referral to make sure you have been screened for inflammatory back pain. You can check the symptoms yourself on the website. If the rheumatologist checked out fine, then I'd be asking for a neurosurgery or spinal surgeon referral (not neurology) as they are the ones who really understand how nerves can be impinged in the spinal area and what can be done about it.

  • Hi tomtom926a. I'm sorry you are in a bad way. Getting so much pain after an appendix op sounds as if you might have an infection. When I had my appendix out last year they said that I might get an abcess. I did not get one but I imagine that if I had there would have been a great deal of pain which would not have gone away in a hurry. Is that something that you could get looked into? Good luck in getting the pain sorted!

  • Aww u poor thing ,what was the outcome of your MRI that should show up most things , my heart goes out to you honey, it's 4 wks since my operation to remove my l5 discreet had trapped my sciatic nerve down one leg so painful, I'm still in a lot of pain but it's only oh sorry 5 wks so I'm still healing , so hope u get sorted as for a 22 year old u shod be living life to the full, and no one would want to fake a life like this xx

  • hi. the MRI showed nothing except a little wear and tear from L4-L5 L5-S1 but nothing to explain the pain i am in. inflammation blood tests showed its not an inflammation process. im waiting on an appointment with a neurologist and a pain clinic plus physio. went to get a second opinion and was given buplex 600mg three times a day for the pain but its not working. all the doctors are afraid il get addicted but they dont have to live with this pain.

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