Elbow pain from driving

I've recently started a new job that involves a lot of driving. I have Rheumatoid in most of my joints but my elbows have mostly been fine. I drive an auto and due to shoulder joint damage, I use my right arm for the majority of the 'work'. My right elbow is really painful. Not sure what - if anything - there is I can do to manage the pain. Any tips would be most appreciated.

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  • From personal experience I can recommend that you try DMSO (dimethylsulphoxide). This is a natural product derived from wood pulp that can be rubbed in to the affected areas. It reduces pain and inflammation making it ideal for all kinds of arthritis. For chronic pain it can take up to six weeks to build up a complete effect so be patient. It doesn't interfere with other medicines, is inexpensive and available on Amazon along with books on the subject. Maybe a small cushion to support your elbow at times like on motorway driving when your arms are more or less static would help you? Also, have you considered LDN (low dose naltrexone) for overall improvement of your R.A. It works wonders for many autoimmune conditions. I wish you well on your healing journey and that you find the answers to being pain free.

  • Similar problems in past but always have new symptoms checked. Even a newly developing bursae canm cause the final insult on a 'troubled' area. My left elbow became bad and I found it was aggravated by small amounts of extra pressure when I was tensing to avoid spine movement over bumps when in wheelchair. It doesn't take a lot does it ;)

    I found keeping a mental diary for a couple of days helped me find the triggers and alter the movements accordingly. I have a firm support cuff and would go along with Mrs Sags idea of a support cushion but in my case I found that a small one between the armpit and elbow changed the angle at which I was using my elbow and that seemed to help me when driving (automatic too). Is the joint inflammed or could it be a nerve problem from the neck?

    Good luck, keep truckin' :)

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