Sports massage vs. regular massage

In terms of pain management and muscle pain relief, is there much difference?

I had a sports-type massage a while ago and while it was great, it was extortionate. I've found someone who does relaxation massages for half the price and wondered if it would 'do' anything for my pain?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you. :)

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  • I have had deep muscle massage and I felt great decrease the pain and relaxes you for a few hours now I am getting aroma massage therapy and it decreases the pain and relaxes me for a day so I think any form of massage or relaxation therapy helps for a short times.

  • If you have muscle spasms you want sports massage. If you have trouble relaxing a Swedish or regular massage would be for you.

  • Agree with Kimster. Sports massage can gradually get down to quite tiny muscles around the vertebra, which are never addressed in a soothing superficial massage. These small muscles can cause havoc with the larger muscles but if they are never treated the large muscles will continue to cause pain and tightness. You can't just have a one-off, it needs to be weekly until the muscles remember they can relax and get the blood supply back. After that, maintenance sessions are advisable.

  • It depends what cause the pain. Different types of muscle functioning pain requires different techniques to help the muscle function again as it should.

    No-one can advise you on this. Yo have to try and see if it works for you. Try Yoga or T'ai Chi and see if this helps cut down the need for expensive massage therapy.

    Hope this helps

  • It's the difference between walking and running, one is a gentle exercise using muscle groups and the other uses the whole body (in that organs are affected too). Both do you good in different ways.

    A normal muscle relaxes and contracts with use. They work in pairs. In chronic pain there are a few normal muscles and a few abnormal ones. One is in spasm and the other relaxed and weakens as the spasm increases.

    Sports physio tackles the muscles in spasm to redress the muscle balance, which is why it's very sore. This addresses the problem of your pain, and rights it over time.

    Massage, works too, but only with the muscles that are normal - the ones that know how to relax. It won't do much for muscles in spasm, and all massagers I've come accross will not work on muscles in spasm.

    Massage also relaxes your brain and if you have an aromatherapy one it's a lovely experience, you may feel pain free at the end of it too, then you have to move to get off the table and it rushes back all excited like a puppy who thought you were never coming back . My massagers have let me rest for an exa 15 mins so I can enjoy the feeling of no pain.

    So I do both, and since going to the sports physio with what I thought was a back problem is actually a left hip problem. My lower back got sorted and pelvic bone problems appleared, these got sorted and now I have left hip pain. Hopefully this is the root of my pain and once that's sorted, I'll be pain free. This is my compensation pathway being unravelled. Takes time, patience and alot of extra pain.

    The strange thing is that when I had back pain, I didn't have pain anywhere else, the compensation pain over rid everything else. My back was injured (discs) because of the abnormal muscle patterns. I do pilates to strengthen my core muscles to help support my spine.

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