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What are the chances of server sciatica coming back!!!after I turned my op down!!!?????

Oh my goshhh!!!!its coming !!niggiling can feel it down to side my foot has now mild!!I thought the big chuck of disc that came out should of disoveled??????? Can't cope..was Kent to go back to Newcastle's Hosp.. In 3 month which would be end this month!!now end September!!! Omg!!on top of the rest,,,,,please any one been thought this with this disc excureded out!!come ing back I don't wanna feeeeelllllll ittttttt xxx

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mine came back and its server sciatica the last time I had it was back in 09 had it now for over a year its hell I know how you feel ive only had physio which did nothing im going back to hospital next month I've lost hope in the nhs the gp's I see just feed me drugs


Thanks for replying...


Your welcome


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