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This is going to sound like a stupid question. However I always have a warm/hot place in the bottom/middle of back/spine

even when the rest of me feels cold. [Plus quite a few other warm joints/muscles and I am always in pain all over]. I have had this for a while now but every now and again my back gets so hot it starts sweating and running down my back.. I know I have a lot of pain in that area which has very limited movement. I can't bend, walk very far, sit for long periods of time or stand for long. It also happens at night the sweat starts running down me and it wakes me up. But it is only in that one spot.

Told you it sounds stupid Has anyone else ever had that happen?

I am not due to see Pain Clinic until end of month [earliest appointment I could get].

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Aw, you're worried, not stupid. We're all so hard on ourselves! Easy to not know what is normal and what isn't when there are so many bits of you hurting. I do wonder, though, if it's not just the fact that the body, the torso, is normally the warmest part of anyone. Arms and legs will tend to be cooler although I get burning hot feet sometimes and my toes look like little pink sausages when that happens. Usually, if I sit for a while my feet tend to go a greyish purple as my circulation isn't quite what it should be. If I am sitting with friends or family their feet look flesh-coloured, quite unlike mine! Oh well, generally, I find that my body is hot and my limbs are cool. My hands are usually quite cold. Obviously this can vary depending on what I'm wearing, the temperature of the room and so on. Last night I soaked my top with sweat and then woke up cold as it was wet. This happens to my husband as well yet he doesn't have the same pains and problems that I do. I'm like you - can't bend very well, can't sit for long, stand for long, bed is extremely uncomfortable except in one or two positions if I'm lucky and get it exactly right. All frustrating. I obviously am no expert and so can only share with you my own experiences. As ever, if in doubt or if things get worse, then you should always see a doctor. I hope this is of help. I hope the pain clinic is able to help you. Good luck. DDx


Are you taking morphine? It can cause profuse sweating. With me it is from my chest and neck. I had to get rid of my memory foam mattress (too hot), get used to sweating after briskly walking 50m, and turn the heating right off at night, even in winter. Lowering the dose helps, under advice I replaced some Morphine with Topiramate , which helps. If you aren't on morphine but have a chronic pain state your whole autonomic nervous system and brain may be involved and this could account for your unifocal sweats. I hope you get relief at the pain clinic. Good luck.


@ dizasterdeb


Thank you both for your replies. Bowbells I do not take Morphine. I have tried Pregablin [it didn't work] and Gabapentin [that left me with a wheezy chest and breathing difficulties]. For now I take Amitryptiline, Tramadol, Codeine Paracetamol and Naproxen. Plus medication for dizziness and night time haullusinations [which are horrendous].

I have chronic widespread pain every part of me hurts. When I go out it gets so embarrassing sometimes, walking is painful and then I have uncontrollable bouts of excessive sweating I look like I have just come out of a shower. I try and go out as little as possible and my ankles [and other joints] swell like balloons. Will be glad to go to Pain Clinic.

Trying to keep positive, for Hubby and Disabled Son [who I look after] otherwise I would crawl under duvet and not get back out.


Try getting a nerve ablation procedure. I've tried everything else.


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