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Is anyone having injections in their eye for AMD and experiencing severe pain after effect of local anaesthetic wears off?

I get differing opinions as to cause of pain - iodine or anaesthetic affecting cornea;;scratch from needle; insertion/removal of specular. Pain feels as if eye full of grit and/or hot knife inserted! Pain worsdens when eye ball moved so I try to keep (both) eyes still and closed for tjhe few hours it lasts and sleep or listen to music.

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To find out if I had a scratch on the cornea the optometrist put in a yellow dye that showed it up, it is the only way. I suggest you find an optometrist not an optician and get them to look. Don't put up with it. The scratch [where I'd caught a bit of 'eye sleep' took almost 6 months to heal and had to wear a shade over it at night. it is at night the eye does the healing.

Hope this helps.


I've had that and had to go to an eye doctor. I had inflammation in my right eye. Others have told me they get it too. Guess because the eye is the biggest, or strongest mucsle in the body. Anyway it has to be treated because it can lead to blindness. Please see an eye doctor soon sweetheart!!! Best of luck, xxxxx Mitzi


Thanks Mitziblue. You don't say if you have AMD treatment which is administered by eye surgeons. What caused your inflamation?



I didn't, and I've had it twice in the last year. Reason I don't have a clue. When I found this site I asked and was told that some fibro patients have this. I guess it's just another new symptom of the wonderful world of fibro. Praying you are healing sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi


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