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Although sometimes I think others can do for you.

My Aunt and sister think I am not trying hard enough.

I think you don't walk in my shoes.

Man about the house thinks I am doing too much.

The garden thinks it will fill any spare space with weeds.

The trousers think if I loose any more weight they will be binned.

The house spiders think they should get spinning and make up for the shortfall in their housing.

Carole next door thinks I look green.

Work doesn't know what to think of their pet lunatic going off sick.

The GP thinks she will run more tests.

Them at the pub think "wheelchair?".

The small piece of energy left thinks It would like to abandon ship and try to find its mates. Who surely are having more fun.

I think I am trying the best I can.

I think I have to remind myself that come what may I am a champagne cork and will bob up to gruel along another day finding at least one gem within.

And today it was finding a nasturtium seedling strong arming its way though the weeds.

Tomorrow I think I may find my roar.

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I think....that is beautifully written


Hope you get your roar back in the morning, Nedd.


I havebecome much more accepting of spiders these last few years! I wonder if any of them ache?


Hi guys

Thanks for you words of encouragement. No roar this morning but am hopeful.

I love spiders. They will be missing my spider handling skills at work. I am resident spider rescue. I encourage the children to spider watch should we be lucky enough to find one before they have stepped on it.

I think they ache. I have often wonder if trees cry when they are chopped and lopped and truly have a crisis weeding I find my self apologising to the plants.




Sad, but a biology professor said that the death cry of a peach tree could be recorded. Hope it's not true.


that's really lovely

I also like spiders - had a 'pet' one at my place of work and kept trying to feed it things, but sadly it died :(

I hope the roar come soon!

- Kat


Everyone here thinks, Wow! Fantastic! Loved reading it.


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