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pain in both wrists

well fed up now as i now a long with my ongoing back and leg nerve pain i have started with what i think is tendinitis in both my thumb/wrists. This seems to have come on since i did some pruning it did subside but now returned as i an computer more then normal. Trying to rest them and not go on here much but dont really have much else i can do with my back playing up and i am still off work. Hope this will soon settle as i am on redeployment to what weill prob be a office type job so cant have trouble in my hands lol

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Hi prim

If it was the pruning I would have thought it would have been in one thumb and wrist only. I have the same and mine is due to arthritis. Having a wrist support for when you are typing might help you and having little 10 minute rests from the keyboard can help and rubbing pain gel into the painful areas might help. If I need to do alot of typing I wear some support gloves which also have the added benefit of keeping the joints warm. They are certainly no fashion statement but they certainly help. Hope you can get some respite from the painx


Do some stretching exercises to relax the muscles in the forearms.

You can get micocramps which can modify how the tendons glide in the hands. Have a chat with some of the local yoga teachers who would likely know of various stretching exercise regimes that you could use.


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