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Morphine sulphate continuous not working at all

Im sick of these tablets as they are pathetic and don't work at all compared to fentanyl but I was taken off them because of skin effects my pain management doctor isn't helping at all he said the 60mg MST should be more effective than the patch but they aren't, this pain is getting me right down and starting to effect my life in everything from my relationship with my kids and wife and is becoming a major problem with the wife in the bedroom dept. I had 6 fractures to my vertebrae and a shattered shoulder blade and broken ribs and even though these healed my pain is getting worse over the 3 year since the accident happened Im desperate for decent pain relief but I fear ive tried the strongest is there anyone else who has had the same experience as me and what did you do. Thanks

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i don't know where you are from and if you can ask for something from your plain clinic. i was on MST and i found those little tablets went any good for me i moved to zomorph. they are a morphine tablet that lasts 12 hours and they seem to work better for me. and if you are wanting go back on fentanyl. please try to resist. unless you are desperate. as you will lose your sex drive completely, for me the side effects out weighed the pain relief. i have just come off fentanyl and it took me 12 months just to come off it so once your on it fully to start to come off it can take 12 months or more. the withdraw effects can be bad.

once i was in a hot shower and didn't relies that hot water can cause the patch to discharge to full dose in to me i nearly overdosed. also grapefruit can cause overdose with fentanyl. just be careful as i wasn't told about this before taking fentanyl.

but i do feel for you and the pain .. fentanyl is not the strongest you can have other options as I'm just about to go for the injections in my back. but you need to talk about combinations of drugs as mst and zomorph can be boosted by paracetamol. i know it sounds strange but its true.

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One problem we all have with Opiate medication is that we become dependent upon them and eventually they do not work as well. This has been really brought home with me in a hospital environment where a friend of mine is in Palliative Care, the speed that Opiate medications have to be increased, and new ones need to be brought in for pain control is really alarming. On many occasions the patient becomes used to the medications and new ones have to be used is alarming. then you begin to understand the control of pain does become a catchup until death arrives because of using higher and higher doses and the body can take no more.

I am sorry to bring this bleak subject up, we on this site are on the same coach trip in a lesser level than Palliative Car

although we need all to know and understand what these pure medications do to us our bodies and brain.

This is why we all end up on Pain Courses we are told what these drugs can do and how we manage their use. Now I have been on Opiate medications now for thirty years, I have learned how to increase and decrease Opiates on a daily basis and try and reduce the medications to a greater extent to let my body rest from a medicinal onslaught.

Yes I have periods when I do not get it right and I suffer from withdrawal, this sometimes is essential to let the body recover from the medications we take, if you do not do this the medications will stop working and a further, stronger Opiate needs to be prescribed, we get further up that slippery road of strong medications. Another problem that can arise when the general public take pain medications over the counter they can say that the medications were very strong. If many of us take these tablets it is some would say like eating sweets, yes, although we have to understand that the maximum dose will still cause the same response to our bodies.and damage our organs in the same way

Generally if we take these drugs a course at the pain Clinic, They help us to control our medication doses

Good Luck


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